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    Least used track in regular use.

    Appledore to Dungeness branch used to be one train a week on a Thursday. Is that still the situation.?
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    Stations with the most disused platforms?

    Epsom Downs in its prime had 9 platforms but they progressively fell into disuse until one remained. Even that was swept away in 1989 when a new station was built about quarter of a mile short of the old station.
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    Stations with the most disused platforms?

    Christs Hospital had 7 platforms until the mid 1960s and now has only 2 in use.
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    Least used electrified mainline

    What trains use the following lines once used by Eurostars between Waterloo- Paris/Brussels- Nine Elms Jn - Linford Street Junction Fawkham Jn- Sringhead Jn? (just south of Ebbsfleet) I am ignoring the fact that the spurs of the CTRL serving Ashford International are not used as the CTRL...
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    New rail station - Leeds

    It also mentions funding for a new station called Thorpe Park in East Leeds on the Selby line
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    Trivia : Busiest Two Platform station

    2 platform station- City Thameslink which in 2019/20 had over 8 million entrances/exits
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    Cottam Parkway - Compulsory Purchase Orders Confirmed, Station To Be Built

    Can someone confirm that it is on the site of the former Lea Road station - closed in 1938...
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    Trivia - Stations visible from within other stations

    At Maidstone Barracks station platforms you can see Maidstone West but from the station entrance stairway you can also see Maidstone East. At not many other stations can you see two other stations... At St Leonards Warrior Square you can just see the ends of Hastings station platforms.
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    [Trivia] Most Recently reopened stations on reopened lines

    When Crossrail opens in London then Custom House reopens on an effectively new line. The DLR station is adjacent. Whilst in London just thought of City Thameslink. Was on wholly new line (original reopened line of 1986 was realigned). Replaced Holborn Viaduct closed January 1990
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    [Trivia] Most Recently reopened stations on reopened lines

    Ebbsfleet did not replace any closed station
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    [trivia] Longest walk between platforms at a 2 platform station

    Sturry in Kent which has staggered platforms means using the level crossing used by the busy A28. I will mention Birmingham New Street which I hate using....! Came off a Virgin train from Euston to change into a train to Shrewsbury. From the London train arrival platform up the stairs along the...
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    [Trivia] Most Recently reopened stations on reopened lines

    Shawfair opened in 2015 On a wholly new line (the Waverley Line closed in 1969 took a different route at this location) Replaced several closed stations in the area such as Millerhill closed in 1955 Just remembered Shawfair is in Scotland and the question is about stations in...
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    [Trivia] Stations with cats

    For many years Tonbridge station used to have a very friendly station cat who was often seen meeting passengers on platform 3. The cat passed away a few years ago. A plaque has been erected and displayed marking his life. I am unsure if another cat has replaced him.
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    [Trivia] Most Recently reopened stations on reopened lines

    I agree with Shoreditch High Street. Built on a new line. Replacement for nearby Shoreditch station closed in 1940 and Shoreditch (London Underground) station closed in 2007
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    Expensive station car parks...

    London Waterloo is £26 for up to 12 hours and £30 for 24hours.
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    Bleakest / loneliest mainline station

    I nominate Dent on the Settle & Carlisle Line. I have used the station and waited for a train there . Nice scenery but nothing else....
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    The positive English reopening thread

    I have not seen much information of opening to line to Grain. It has been talked about for years. Also March- Wisbech there is little progress. Totton- Fawley line has seen a lot of campaigning and a recent test run down the branch.
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    Preliminary Work on Okehampton Line: progress updates

    Also between Okehampton and Meldon Viaduct halt which I did several years ago on a "Thumper" unit
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    East-West Rail (EWR): Consultation updates [not speculation]

    The last 6 comments have been discussing Coventry- Leamington line....!
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    Trivia: Station names that do not reflect where they are

    Bat and Ball station originally served a pub called "Bat and Ball" which closed many years ago and is now offices. A better name for the station would be Sevenoaks North.