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  1. the sniper

    GB News

    I didn't expect it to be such a low budget presentation, but the level of technical issues are pretty staggering. Must be plot by those leftie "WOKE" media folk refusing to work for them, GB News are just a victim... The channel's audience will be familiar with the approach taken here though...
  2. the sniper

    The Politics of Great British Railways

    That would have been a no-brainer, but the cringeworthy, petty nationalism of the Tories (admittedly, very much the thing in various other regional Parties too) has dictated otherwise. Crossrail was another victim.
  3. the sniper

    What language is used on Emergency vehicles in Scotland

    That's one way to teach the local population 'their' language...
  4. the sniper

    Brexit makes it very difficult to move to another country and get employment

    With our bellies full of sovereignty we go forth. People of the Empire, we're coming to offer you our glorious services. You're welcome.
  5. the sniper

    UK Income Tax discussion

    Problem solved... As a 60% tax payer, I can only presume you're so wealth that you haven't given the economy going forward much thought. Unless you're proposing to employ all these young people yourself?
  6. the sniper

    Huge Explosion in Beirut

    Thanks for that info too.
  7. the sniper

    Huge Explosion in Beirut

    Exactly the kind of comparison I was looking for, thanks. And, crikey...
  8. the sniper

    Huge Explosion in Beirut

    There's been a lot of Nuclear Bomb references made, but does anybody know what weapon would cause an explosion of similar magnitude to this?
  9. the sniper

    Would you live in a hard water area?

    Completely agree, it can feel inconceivably different in this regard.
  10. the sniper

    ‘Lush’ launch controversial campaign

    People aren't really talking about undercover policing though. Any discussion I've seen is merely questioning and scrutinising the logic behind Lush's marketing efforts.
  11. the sniper

    ‘Lush’ launch controversial campaign

    Particularly when you see the shop front display they've produced, which turns an irrelevant 'campaign' into an incomprehensibly bad image for a mainstream audience.
  12. the sniper

    ‘Lush’ launch controversial campaign

    To me it just looks like a rather cringeworthy marketing exercise that'll give some 'journalists' a little easy content for the weekend, get Lush some free publicity, while appealing to the 'right on' clientele they target, who are too daft to see this for what it is. Beyond that it'll be...
  13. the sniper

    Renting in the Big Smoke

    These people can probably be contributing more to society volunteering for dole money than doing some of the worthless or counter productive to society paid jobs that are out there...
  14. the sniper

    What is your car history?

    That's here isn't it? Fantastic road it is that passes there, if that's where you were! :oops:
  15. the sniper

    Formula 1

    It's not the first time Hamilton has excessively backed the pack up behind him at the end of a safety car period, Vettel even said so himself, so I'm not sure why it took him so badly by surprise. Hamilton slowing so much just encourages the pack behind to fall over each other, it's unnecessary...
  16. the sniper

    Huge fire in Grenfell Tower - West London

    Yeah, yeah. It's far easier to hide behind the emotional irrationality of someone who has just lost everything and use that against me, rather than support your own argument. I don't think they are, hence why I said: "If". How about people cross that bridge when we come to it, which...
  17. the sniper

    Huge fire in Grenfell Tower - West London

    Why so...? :roll: The UK is the fifth largest economy in world. The two things aren't mutually exclusive. As for the bit in bold, don't be ridiculous. Using the deaths of all these people to further an irrelevant argument against renovating some historic buildings is frankly sick in my...
  18. the sniper

    Huge fire in Grenfell Tower - West London

    Don't be as daft as the mob. Cancelling the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace and Westminster (essentially allowing the latter to fall down) in order for their budget to be diverted to covering (what could be a fraction) the cost of sorting out the flats (the liability of which might at least...
  19. the sniper

    Huge fire in Grenfell Tower - West London

    Who suggested that only 17 people died? Are the Police now saying that only 30 people died? Nope. The Police should forget about due process. The mob should be given access into Grenfell to do the dirty work for them, as only the mob can be trusted. Lily Allen can live stream the results on...
  20. the sniper

    Greater Manchester has to borrow police officers from Wales to police EDL protest

    As others have said it's pretty standard for anything like this or any major event. It's called "Mutual Aid". It takes advantage of having Public Order trained PSU/TSG units in Forces up and down the country, letting them do what they're specially trained to do and helping not to overstretch any...