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    Used 1960-1999 rail tickets knowledge needed please.

    The tickets may be more valuable than you think so an art image may destroy the value. If you can give us some idea what they are..? As you live at Steyning maybe tickets from the Steyning line which closed in 1966 and then immediately we are talking value......
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    Used 1960-1999 rail tickets knowledge needed please.

    I am a member of The Transport Ticket Society and am sure their members can help ..look at their website. The price will depend of quality of tickets (unmarked, not creased, in good condition) Rarity of the stations- (is the station closed or unstaffed, was it a...
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    TRIVIA: Non-authentic trains in films, TV shows and other media

    I have seen the film several times. It was filmed in Ireland for which all the stock and infrastructure was 5 feet 3 inches broad gauge...!
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    Railway books you wish someone would write/publish

    A book about Uncompleted railways. Those lines that work was started but never completed but subsequently abandoned. Here in the South East are some examples such as - Ouse Valley Railway between Balcombe- Uckfield, Southern Railway 1930s Chessington South- Leatherhead, London Underground...
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    Free to good home

    WARNING-- I am aware of two heritage railways that now refuse them as they receive piles of magazines and cannot sell them. They then waste time (and expenditure) taking them to the nearest recycling centre or charity shop. If you have a large quantity of magazines please first contact the...
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    Railway magazines

    You may find that some heritage railways may not take them either as they have little value. I am aware of three heritage railways where staff waste their time throwing away anonymous deliveries of such magazines.
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    SR Maunsell Carriages

    SR Maunsell coaches worked all over the Southern Railway from the 1930s into BR days before their final withdrawal in the mid 1960s.
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    Collecting tickets

    I started collecting railway tickets in 1961 and have a collection which I estimate into many thousands. Mine are divided into many sections but they are filed into station of origin (issuing station) alphabetical order. Platform tickets Closed stations Open stations Railtours Companies-...
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    Old Tickets Storage

    I collect mainly old Edmondson style tickets. I have a few modern "credit card" style tickets which are unusual. Warning- It is possible that laser printed tickets (STAR, TRIBUTE, etc) may eventually fade so unsure how many years that the print on modern day tickets will remain readable. I...
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    Spot the mistake...

    A4 loco + two coaches+ tender... ..interesting formation.....!!!
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    Second Hand Bookshops.

    "Lens Of Sutton" closed in 1999 after the owner John L. Smith passed away.
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    I collect rail tickets

    To MattE2010, I attach a photograph of the collection of approx. 20 BR pocket timetables and 75 leaflets all from the 1970s. They are mainly from London and the South East but a few from the rest of the country including some heritage railways. Please PM me with reply. Brian
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    I collect rail tickets

    Hi, I have now posted to you another box of tickets as illustrated on this forum a few days ago (item no. 26). The cost to you will be reimbursement of postage of £2.60 plus a donation for Spa Valley Railway. To all- I have available a small collection of BR pocket timetables and...
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    I collect rail tickets

    Received your cheque today with thanks. The cost of the second batch will be the same as previous- postage around £3.50 plus a donation for the Spa Valley Railway. The second batch will be slightly less in number but I will include a few Edmondson card, Omniprinter, INTIS, NCR 51 and NCR21...
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    I collect rail tickets

    Thanks for your reply and hope you feel better soon. I have been unwell myself recently and had to abandoned my duty last Sunday (17th) on my local heritage railway due to coughing, sore throat and general lack of energy. Please confirm that you would like the second batch of tickets as...
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    I collect rail tickets

    See attached photograph
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    I collect rail tickets

    I attach photo of the second batch of tickets mainly from London and the South East which is slightly less in number but contains the following varieties- Some tickets from a friends holiday in Cornwall including a Cornish One Day Ranger a few tickets from my travels on the Croydon Tramlink...
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    I collect rail tickets

    I am pleased you that you have received them OK. Sorry too read that you suffering from flu but it seems to be circulating around and I also have been spluttering and coughing myself for the past week. I have now found another similiar quantity of tickets but some going back to BR-...
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    I collect rail tickets

    I attach photo of tickets I have available for you Sorry the photo is sideways.
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    I collect rail tickets

    I also tried to PM you. I have a large pile of estimated between 1,000 and 2,000 tickets which friends and I have used over the last few years which you can have. They are mainly from London and the South East with a few from the rest of the country. You can have them for reimbursement of the...