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  1. the sniper

    Ex Cops who have go on to be Drivers

    Last time I looked I'd had to have done something like 5 years in the Police before I'd have reached the Guard's wage I had after 1 year of service. The Police pay scales were completely messed up early last decade. I think you'd have to be naive/crazy and/or incredibly dedicated to the cause...
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    Ex Cops who have go on to be Drivers

    I've never encountered any who regretted it at all and there are plenty who've made the switch.
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    How competitive are trainee posts in Yorkshire?

    Should just put up a notice on the front door of the train crew messroom at Sheffield... 'Driver jobs going, ask Booking Office or TCS for application form'. :lol: Anyone who's keen enough to notice gets in!
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    Drivers assessment

    I think you've misunderstood...
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    Network rail reorganisation and job cuts

    Office staff/management usually actually bear the brunt of mass cuts, followed by non safety critical customer service roles.
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    WMT - New Drivers Routes, Signing and Traction

    Indeed, always start and finish at the home depot. Wasn't unusual though for upper link New Street Guards for example to be taken off their local diagrams to cross cover Crewe diagrams, passing/taxiing to and/or from there. Cross cover on rest day work too, but always theoretically starting and...
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    WMT - New Drivers Routes, Signing and Traction

    New drivers would not sign the stuff marked "(link dependent)" in that thread, at least. Some of the depots listed won't take trainees. 'WMR' uniformed depots routinely work 'LNWR' services north of Northampton, excluding the stuff via the Trent Valley and Stoke. Coventry are LNWR uniformed...
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    Trainee Train Driver (and now qualified/'part-qualified') - Newcastle - East Coast Trains

    More and more I feel like we're seeing a generation of Drivers coming on who think everything you've listed is a given. They look down on staff who stick to agreements as being difficult dinosaurs. They think these agreements are gifted by the TOCs because Drivers are just so awesome and...
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    Anyone have any details about leamington spa driver depot

    Probably not the easiest place to swap, Leamington being a relatively very small depot, IIRC. Even in a big depot, most people want earlies.
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    A career as a train driver

    Productive qualified drivers.
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    Which TOCs are currently conducting in cab trainee driver training?

    Equally many trainees are very comfortable with the situation. Evidently not you, but as you say, your opinions presumably don't matter either... I hope that ASLEF locally consider pushing your employer to step you up to the full qualified pay rate if training were to be suspended again, as...
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    Is a watch necessary for a driver

    Who needs a Railmaster when you've got a top of the range TocWATCH..?
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    Seasonal Rail Jobs, esp Driving

    I wouldn't go by rumour. A Guard in my TOC (not a First one, admittedly) got granted a year's sabbatical/career break just for travelling, prior to which many people either hadn't heard of the concept or didn't think something like that was even possible on the railway. It was so unusual for...
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    Conditional Offer

    Entirely depends on the job. If it's a Driver job with a TOC you'd probably been turning down a rare, relatively very secure opportunity, for jobs that may not be so readily available in a few years. Though there's a least one TOC where new Drivers haven't been issued a Contract to sign for...
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    Possible I suppose, though a bit silly as you can just opt out straight after. I could imagine a Branch Secretary strongly encouraging it off their own back. Joining ASLEF is different to the RMT or TSSA, in that your application goes via the Branch for endorsement. It's not a formality that...
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    Free and easy to opt out. Local level wouldn't even know if you had opted out. In the case of ASLEF, they'd only know of opting out if done on joining as your application has to go via the Branch. I doubt the vast majority would care at Local level. Affiliation and with who has been the matter...
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    Count yourself lucky! :lol: Only read about them in this careers section...
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    FOC Interview GBRF

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    Cycling to work as a train driver

    I would feel far more comfortable on a motorcycle moving with traffic than on a bicycle in this respect, wearing proper safety gear. People can pull out in front of either, though modern motorcycles are pretty well illuminated headlight wise and can be more noticeable than your average...
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    Cycling to work as a train driver

    Personally, if I were willing to put up with the risks and downsides of road cycling (particularly commuting), I'd be far more likely to get a motorcycles instead an enjoy the benefits of that. I'm surprised more haven't taken up motorcycling in recent times given how many people are now...