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    Second jab delayed beyond 12 weeks

    Being a "senior citizen" I had my first jab in January locally booked through my local GP and the second one booked for first week April. As I booked a holiday had to re-arrange my second jab but could not do it through local GP as they were fully booked. Had to book through NHS system and the...
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    West Midlands staff escorting enthusiasts away from water Orton and coleshill Parkway stations

    I fully agree. At present while in lockdown the Government message is "....stay at home...". Only go outside for shopping, exercise, medical reasons, etc. I cannot see how trainspotting fits into any of these categories permitting you to be outside.
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    COVID Regulations and Volunteering

    I fully agree as I am also a working member of a heritage railway. You have have amplified what I have said in one sentence in item 5 above.
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    Can I / Should I visit the Isle of Wight?

    What I am not saying it is illegal but we should reduce the journeys we make to the minimum we consider necessary and essential. In order to reduce the spread of this pandemic I am doing my part and eliminating the number of leisure journeys I make. Those I do make are very local.
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    Passenger use at your local station

    I live in South Eastern- land at Tonbridge and have found off peak trains still lightly loaded- maybe a quarter of normal loadings. A recent journey on London Underground from Paddington to Embankment via Bakerloo Line after 1700 hrs on Friday evening and there were never more than 10...
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    How was the "new normal" pub/cafe experience for you?

    I have been to my local 'Spoons in the South East. No one at the door but there was a pile of "track and trace" forms to complete which it appeared no-one was bothering. The previous over generous amount of tables have been thinned out with some persex surrounded booths. As it was quiet I...
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    Trains down in Devon and Cornwall- busy yet?

    On Friday 10th July- I travelled Paddington- Plymouth- St Erth and the train was between 15-20% full. Returned St- Erth-Plymouth- Paddington and it was also less than 20% full. Stock in both directions Paddington- Plymouth 2 X Class 800 units where I changed to a 4 car HST set for the journey...