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    Do Eurostar trains run at 186mph?

    Another point is that Javelin trains are limited to a maximum speed of 140mph.
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    Royal Train

    I would suggest you mean" after the event" means the following day rather than a few minutes afterwards. If any of the moderators are reading this they may consider a ruling on this security matter.
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    Royal Train

    I agree that for obvious security reasons the movements of the Royal Train are kept confidential. It is also applies to Government Ministers and other VIPs. When I was working for BR ( in Timetable planning) the timings were only distributed to those that "need to know" basis.
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    Can Mark 1 rolling stock be coupled to a class 101 DMU?

    I full agree. On the Spa Valley Railway a class 101 driving trailer has been coupled at the end of a set of mark 1 stock to strengthen services during "Day out with Thomas" events.
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    New Steam Locomotive?

    An "Atlantic Class" 4-4-2 is being built at the Bluebell Railway. A "Patriot" class "The Unknown Warrior" is being built at Llangollen A County class is being built somewhere?
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    Locos running round their trains

    When loco hauled trains reached terminal stations (for example London) then locos did not necessarily have to run round because in many cases crossovers or run round loops were abolished long ago. Train services used a "turnover" loco which operated thus.... A loco hauled train would arrive...
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    oldest wagons or coaches still in use

    The oldest coaches in service must be the former London Transport 1938 tube stock operating on the Isle of Wight between Ryde and Shanklin.
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    How far on a tank of fuel?

    In my days (long ago) when locomotive diagramming for BR (Southern) I used to calculate the diagrams for class 33 , 73 and DEMUs as using one gallon per mile. Shunting was based on 4 mph ( i.e. 4 gallons for each one hour of shunting)
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    1938 stock on the IoW ("It is old, we must get rid of it")

    The Ryde-Shanklin makes a huge annual loss but like many other lines its reprieve from closure in the mid-1960s was due to heavy use in the summer and to reduce use of the congested roads. Tickets between Portsmouth to Ryde on the ferries/catamaran use to include rail travel Pier Head to...
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    1938 stock on the IoW ("It is old, we must get rid of it")

    The 1938 tube stock is part of the scene and atmosphere of the IOW railways which traditionally has always received second hand locos and stock from the mainline. My first visit to the island was in 1966 was to see the 02 class locos built around 1890 with pregrouping carriages from the turn...
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    Which SR stock would have run this service?

    I agree that around 1960 the Waterloo-Reading services were worked by 2BIL and 2 HAL units. Waterloo- Windsor/Weybridge services were also worked by 4EPB units.
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    Options for 3rd rail conversions to 25KvAC

    It is true but the tunnels either side of Tunbridge Wells Central station were not modified and remained double track with very, very tight clearances for 3rd rail stock including low speed restrictions. Grove Tunnel was fitted with a concrete slab track base for electrification and is still a...
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    Options for 3rd rail conversions to 25KvAC

    It must be stressed that on many of the Southern area lines clearances are tight so the main consideration in installing 25kv is the reconstruction work to provide clearances through tunnels and bridges. Many of the tunnels such as Oxted Tunnel, tunnels on the Tonbridge-Hastings line have been...