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    Ews nameplate sale 20/4/13

    I could've sworn 59201 still had a nameplate when I saw it through Westbury on Friday night (from the sleeper).
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    abc Traction Recognition

    The Traction Recognition book has more detail about the classes, but doesn't have fleet lists. Whereas Rail Guide 2011 has slightly less detail, but includes fleet lists.
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    The 1st Hornby loco you ever got

    I believe it was a Green 0-4-0 Tank loco with red wheels, came in a trainset called 'Industrial Freight' or something like that, way back in the late '90s
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    Bachmann class 444: Do you want to see it?

    Well, there is a Class 423 4-VEP being released from Hornby in 2010, including one in NSE livery :-)
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    Your Bachman or Hornby wishlist

    Class 317 (preferably super detail) in both variants and all liveries: 317/1: Blue/Grey NSE NSE 'Prism' with Green stripe WAGN purple WAGN purple with FCC branding FCC 'one' 'one' with NXEA white stripe NXEA Stansted Express 317/2: Blue/Grey NSE WAGN white WAGN white with NXEA white stripe...
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    Buying Models Online

    New Modeller's Shop is not bad - The range is a bit limited, though.