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    Norwich ticket barriers

    From my experience the Norwich barriers always reject Anglia Day Rovers, but first the ticket usually goes back and forth through the machine about five times before it decides to spit it out!
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    Cambridge to King's Cross off-peak return - confused!

    One thing that it's worth bearing in mind - off-peak travelcards from stations between Ely and Kings Lynn inclusive have no evening peak restriction, and can be bought from the ticket office at Cambridge. So if you wanted to catch an evening peak train from Kings Cross, it would save you a good...
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    Dutch Flyer

    I recently booked a Rail and Sail ticket for the overnight ferry online. I printed off the e-mail as it stated, only to get a letter in the post from Stena Line a few days later. In it was a copy of my e-ticket that they'd printed themselves, as well as separate rail tickets - not proper...
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    Cheshunt - An Observation

    Ah, that's good news - thanks!
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    Cheshunt - An Observation

    Hello all, Yesterday, I noticed a new map at Harrow-on-the-Hill which shows Oyster being valid out to Broxbourne, which it now is. However, I also noticed that Cheshunt was shown as being in Zone 8, as well as Waltham Cross and Theobalds Grove being in Zone 7. What I'm wondering is whether a...
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    Virgin Trains & Changing Seats

    Without wishing to open a can of worms, I have often sat in a different seat to my reserved one on an advance and never had problems.
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    Cambridge [CBG] - Liverpool Street [LST] Via Stansted Airport [SSD]

    Thanks to Greater Anglia putting their fares up, at weekends where Super Off Peak is available, the 'Greater Anglia only' option is actually more expensive than the 'any permitted' option! Although this only applies to travelcards, not day returns. 'Any permitted' tickets are definitely valid...
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    Liverpool Street to Euston

    I'd say it's easier to go to Euston Square, it's hardly any distance at all from Euston station itself :)
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    Ticket machines - tell me about the problems you've faced.

    The TVMs at Shelford really annoy me, you have to practically punch the screen to get it to work and they don't seem to accept payment! Not just myself but others have had their notes, coins and cards all refused by them and therefore have been unable to buy a ticket because the office is only...
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    Routes that are standard class only where introduction of First could be attractive

    If anything I think that should have it's first class removed again, as standard can get very crowded with first sometimes remaining empty!
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    East Coast First Class

    On that note, I've never understood why priority seats are made reservable. Surely it defeats the point of having a reservation if you may have to give the seat up, or defeats the point of having a priority seat if it's reserved in advance?
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    LLandudno - Porthmadog

    The Ffestiniog Round Robin is a great ticket if you do the full circle, I did one last week and loved it :)
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    LLandudno - Porthmadog

    I tried to do it the other way, from Fairbourne up to the North Wales Coast via the Ffestiniog, but the guard said they didn't do through tickets.
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    This ticket machine is nothing to do with us - Chorley

    I wonder if anyone has tried to pick up tickets from the other machine at Chorley before: Or has it been removed and replaced with a newer one, and the NRE station plan not updated?
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    Stansted to Bridgend

    It would be less convenient as the only trains from Stansted Airport to Audley End are the CrossCountry Birmingham services, which are hourly. You'd have to change at Audley End for a Cambridge - Liverpool Street train.
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    EMT First Class question

    For £1.30 extra that's definitely worth it.
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    The rip off

    I tend to use RedSpottedHanky if buying online, there's no postage or card fees, and you get loyalty points, as well as being able to use Tesco Clubcard points to save money on future ticket purchases, so in the long run it actually is cheaper if you always use them.
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    Cambridge to Liv St

    From my experience the Super Off-Peak tickets are only available on weekends and bank holidays on both lines from Cambridge to London, so you wouldn't have been able to buy one anyway I'd imagine.
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    York - Bradford Stations

    Thanks for the advice guys :) I might just ask the guard of the Harrogate line train on the day, and if not then I'll just get a 'direct' train and clear it another time.
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    York - Bradford Stations

    Another quick question from me... If I was to buy a day return from York to Bradford (Yorkshire) Stations, would this allow me to use the line via Harrogate to get from York to Leeds? I know this takes longer but I want to clear the line on the way, and I'm just wondering if it's a permitted...