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    Unusual technological nostalgia

    Flipdot displays - they were introduced on my local buses when I was five or so and I thought they were really cool compared to blinds!
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    Now Playing....

    Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring. Fantastic album!
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    Trivia - Alternative Station Names

    Eerie (Ely... or Erith!)
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    Anybody Else Learning a Foreign Language?

    I was forced to do French in school although I didn't particularly care about languages at the time and we weren't really taught anything practical. I can still remember odd bits of it but I don't enjoy speaking it, I'm in agreement with J-2739 above as far as French goes! After leaving school...
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    Forum Jokes

    Apologies if this one has already been had... Last night I was about to run a bath but noticed a huge spider in it. The missus said "Don't kill it, just take it out!". So, we went round to the local and had a few, turned out he was quite a cool guy. Wants to be a web designer.
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    Gigs / live music discussion

    Off to see the Stranglers at Brixton Academy tonight, and again at the Manchester Apollo next weekend. Saw them at both locations this time last year and they were on fire!
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    Segregated Toilets on Trains

    That's what you see at some newer U-Bahn stations in Vienna.
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    Segregated Toilets on Trains

    Last time I used Thalys, I noticed that with each pair of toilets, one is marked male and the other female, and apparently the new EC250 units for SBB will be the same. Whilst the reason for having separate genders in normal public toilets is pretty obvious, I'm curious as to what exactly the...
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    Favourite Confectionery

    For sweets it's Haribo, but preferably the variants you find on the continent - much more interesting than the same old Starmix, Tangfastics etc... For chocolate it has to be Munchies (the red, non-mint ones).
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    Origin of your Forum Username?

    I'd love to laugh but my inner 317 geek can't ignore the fact that, as a /2, it was built for Great Northern services and not the BedPan :p
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    The Apprentice 2016

    Shame about this week's result, I thought JD had potential, but he definitely held the most responsibility for the failure of this week's task - not checking on your sub-team is a big no-no.
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    Origin of your Forum Username?

    The first 317 (my favourite EMU class) I travelled on when I started ticking them off in 2009.
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    The Apprentice 2016

    Overall a surprisingly good performance from both teams this week - however, whilst I think Lord Sugar would have ended up firing Mukai at some point anyway, the failure of this particular task I would mostly put down to Grainne as project manager.
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    Getting up Early

    I usually work 06:00 - 12:00 shifts so it's normally a 04:30 alarm for me on work days. On my days off I usually end up waking up at about 7 naturally but don't usually bother getting out of bed until 9 or so. Like others in this thread, I do enjoy walking around cities in the small hours when...
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    Beached Whale Dawlish

    Surely VivaWhale would've been interested? :p
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    Favourite alcoholic drink

    Beer of any form, apart from stout or the awful mainstream lager brands (Carlsberg, Stella et al), although I tend to lean more towards ale than lager. My favourite style of beer has to be the Belgian trappist beers, Rochefort 8 being a personal favourite!
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    Could someone settle something for me please?

    Shrewsbury anyone?
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    I'm also a big tram enthusiast, buses I can take or leave. No interest at all in aviation, and whilst I'm not interested in the history or different types of ship, I do enjoy travelling on them.
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    The EU Referendum: How have you voted?

    I voted remain, Europhile and proud!
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    EU Referendum - my vote

    I've always intended to vote remain, from the start I didn't think anything would change my mind and unsurprisingly it hasn't.