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    Has anyone experienced a train stopping to pick up late-comers after it has set off from a station?

    Happened to a train I was on a few years ago at Spooner Row, we started moving then stopped immediately for a woman running for it. Understandable as it would have been a very long wait for the next train!
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    Trivia: Nearest station you haven't used?

    Littleport for me, five miles away.
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    Planning on a Rover. Thoughts?.

    That's nothing on what I saw today, someone with a BritRail on its first day of validity!
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    Two views of one line from one spot?

    From memory (it's been a good 14 years since it was my local station!) if you stand at the London end of Whittlesford Parkway, you can see down trains rounding a corner before disappearing, then arriving at/passing the station. Not the most spectacular example I know!
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    Furthest ticket purchased from station office?

    Devon Day Ranger from Paddington for me!
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    Hamburg loco-hauled - a day exploring Schleswig-Holstein

    Glad you had a good trip - those SH-Express coaches you had on the Kiel - Neumünster run used to do the Hamburg - Flensburg service before more double deckers were delivered. I'm a big fan of the 112/114/143 family so for me the Hamburg area is a good place to go (for now anyway).
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    Paris: Interesting Traction

    Zone 5 isn't it? And both the routes I listed for the Z5300s above are fully within zones so you shouldn't have any bother :) Just a shame they don't run out of Montparnasse in the peaks anymore as that was much easier to do than having to trek a long way out!
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    Paris: Interesting Traction

    If it's interesting EMUs you're after, you're going to the right place! A personal favourite on the RER, the MI84s also dying out on the RER A but still going strong on the B along with their MI79 sisters (but not so keen on the refurbishment inflicted on those examples). MF67s on Métro lines...
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    [BE] Bruxelles: Métro, Tram and Railway Museum

    Good to see the museum at Schaarbeek is now open. When I was in Brussels last year, I saw one of the old steam locos in your photos being removed from the station building at Brussel-Noord: I'm a big fan of the...
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    London Spezial vs BA Exeter->London->Köln

    There's also Eurostar's own fares from London to Cologne with either Thalys or ICE, but bear in mind that the ICE ones do not include seat reservations on the ICE. However, you can use any Brussels - Colgone ICE of the day rather than being restricted to just one (I've just booked one for £59...
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    What are you planning for 2015?

    Hopefully my first InterRails in Austria and Switzerland, as well as returning to Germany and Belgium, and visiting Paris for the first time in many years.
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    Day 7 - 21/03/14: InterRail Day 4, another day on NMBS. As well as clearing more lines I decided to aim to travel on a few more 'Klassiekjes', I still love the novelty of such an old design still running in everyday service! I planned to start with the Quièvrain branch, but to do that I...
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Yes Europe is definitely worth saving up for even in 2014, there's certainly a lot to discover. If you're trying to follow the routes I've taken, try having a look at the same map which I used when planning: It's a little...
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    Looking at the maps on the Dutch Wikipedia pages for the lines, I think we turned right yes. I remember passing very close to Kinkempois depot, I think the route in question is the one highlighted here: I imagine the...
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    Day 4 - 18/03/14: The second InterRail day, with the aim of clearing the coastal branches and riding on the 'Kusttram', the world's longest tram line. The plan was to catch the 10:09 from Brussel-Centraal to De Panne, as this was booked for a 27. Before that though, I decided to clear the...
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    I stayed in the Ibis Budget. At the time I stayed there it was the cheapest option available (around £25 a night), but the bed was quite hard, and the shower a bit pathetic. That said, it was right next to the station (just up some steps) and after coming in knackered from a day's bashing I...
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    317666's BeNeLux InterRail - March 2014

    After reading some of the trip reports on here and having nothing to do this evening, I've decided to start writing up the three European trips I've done this year, starting with the first - my BeNeLux InterRail back in March! The plan was to spend just over a week in Belgium (with a day trip...
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    Ticket Office unable to find Freedom of the North West ticket

    I've had a Freedom of South Wales issued at Paddington, which I used on an HST from Swansea - the guard thought I was going all the way to London on it!
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    Worst Train Service You Have Been On

    Probably any time I've caught the 21:53 from Kings Cross on a Saturday, at this point there's a gap between fast Cambridge trains, so a four-coach 365 also takes all the passengers who would have caught a fast service as well as everyone heading to Stevenage, Hitchin etc (the latter being enough...
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    Searle's Valley Lines Explorer

    I love the Valleys, being a big fan of 150s and I also like the 142s and 143s. As for the shouting man over the PA, I think I know who you mean. Always shouts 'NOT FOR PUBLIC USE!' whenever a terminating train arrives, even if the automated announcement for it is playing! One thing I have...