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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    I'd say 317s and 365s in equal measure! My earliest train memory is travelling on a newly refurbished 317/6 from Cambridge to Kings Cross.
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    Memories of unusual services in the post-privatisation era

    Peterborough - Liverpool Street via Bury and Ipswich has to be a contender!
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    Rolling stock that you regret not riding

    Probably 1959 and (unrefurbished) 1972 Mk1 tube stock on the Northern line. I may have been on them when I was very young, but it would've been too young for me to remember!
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    Central Trains long distance routes

    I could have sworn that announcements at Cambridge would sometimes say 'Coleshill, Birmingham New Street and Birmingham Snow Hill'. Must be either dodgy announcements or dodgy memory!
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    Central Trains long distance routes

    At one point it was definitely Stansted Airport - Liverpool Lime Street direct with a 158 or 170 (or 156 on a good* day!). I also remember that some Birmingham trains would continue to terminate at Snow Hill after calling at New Street. I never did a longer journey than Cambridge - New Street...
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    BR Station Announcers of Old

    Bishop's Stortford and Seven Sisters both had NSE-era announcements until only a few years ago. When I did work experience with NXEA in 2011, I spent a day doing the manual announcements at Ely which was great fun! Sadly they've now been replaced with the bog-standard automated system.
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    Your very first rail journey with parents

    Cambridge - Kings Cross non-stop on a newly refurbished 317/6, when I was 4 or so. I think that explains why my favourite units are 317s, plenty of childhood memories of them in about ten different liveries.
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    rail regrets

    Various little things really, I regret not taking down moves properly before 2011, particularly when abroad - I know I've been on trains in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia etc but have absolutely no idea what their numbers were - in that sense I...
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    Most vivid childhood railway memory

    I have many vivid memories of the railway when I was a kid, so I'll post what is probably the oldest: My Dad took me to London when I can't have been more than 3 or 4 (so this would've been around 1999-2000), and I remember standing on Platform 1 at Cambridge with the train being a pair of...
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    The mundane turning to nostalgia

    1967 Stock on the Victoria line. Visiting London with my family as a kid, we nearly always took the Victoria line from Kings Cross. At the time I didn't really think anything of the type of train as I didn't know as much about railways then as I do now, but they were a part of my childhood and...
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    Favorite Deltic

    55022 for me, as it's the only one I've rode behind. Went on the Norseman tour back in September 2010, Kings Cross - Newcastle then back via the Sunderland loop. Was certainly an enjoyable day :)
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    Are our railways haunted? (ghost stories)

    Not really a haunting as such, but I did find this quite weird: On the 30th June 2011 I went to London to travel on the last ever 1967 Stock train. The unit that I travelled on down to London was 317503, and the unit I took back home was 317883. At the time I didn't really think anything of it...
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    Early Railway Memories

    Having to stand up on an ex-express livery CT sprinter (can't remember if it was 156 or 158 ), Rugby when it had its overall roof, being on a VT Mk2 or Mk3 thinking that diesel trains were Mk2 and electric were Mk3! (I was about 5!), refreshment trolleys on the Cambridge - Kings X express.