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    Stations unsure of their name

    On the subject of apostrophes, the NXEA station signs at Bishop's Stortford omitted it. The current GA signage includes the apostrophe, as does the (presumably) BR-era sign on the signal box.
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    Trivia - Stations visible from within other stations

    Hainault and Fairlop (and possibly Barkingside from Fairlop too? Been a while since I was out that way!).
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    Trivia: Overlapping station names

    Harlow Mill - Harlow Town.
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    Trivia: Stations that sound nice but really aren't

    I'm not sure why they chose to rename it from Pannenhuis when it re-opened - it means the name no longer matches that of the adjacent Metro station (although the original station barely lasted two years after the Metro interchange opened, despite receiving a comprehensive refurbishment)...
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    Anne station Announcements

    On a similar note, both Seven Sisters and Bishops Stortford still used an old BR system right up to 2011-2 when they were replaced with Anne.
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    Greater Anglia New Passenger Information Screens

    A passenger came up to me today and asked me whether the screens were new. I told him they were fairly new, and he went on to tell me how brilliant and easy to read he thought they were and asked if I would pass his comments on to management. At least someone's happy with them!
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    Greater Anglia New Passenger Information Screens

    I caught the 1627 Stansted so wouldn't have been me. I'm on the same service today and the text to speech announcements are still there.
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    Greater Anglia New Passenger Information Screens

    I noticed yesterday that Ely was using what sounded like a text-to-speech voice for the announcements rather than the usual woman. Cambridge - Norwich services were all showing as formed of 5 coaches at both Ely and Cambridge.
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    Greater Anglia New Passenger Information Screens

    They've been doing the latter all day, showing the platform as TL - the Through Line! I did actually see 'Cambridge 00:00' listed as a stop on the external displays of an Azuma passing through, not entirely sure how it's all happened...
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    Penultimate destinations

    The Cambridge - Kings Cross stopper used to be shown as Finsbury Park at Cambridge, or as Foxton at Kings Cross, but this seems to have ceased.
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    Phil Sayer RIP

    Sad news, RIP. Am I right in saying that the Class 333 on-board announcements were also voiced by him?
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    Mini Solari boards on platforms?

    They were still quite common in Luxembourg when I was travelling on CFL last year: In Germany they have died out somewhat in more recent years though.
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    What is the daddy of all stations?

    For me it's probably Antwerpen Centraal, which is already mentioned a few pages back. The way that they've excavated downwards to add the new platforms is a lot nicer and more impressive than shoving them in a box on the side of the station like at St Pancras! Runner up is Leipzig Hauptbahnhof...
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    A rather unusual vending machine!

    I remember at one point, Cambridge station had a chip vending machine - yes, chips as in french fries, not crisps. I don't think it really took off as it was gone after a year or so.
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    Which is your closest station/how do you get to it?

    Cambridge, 1.8mi. Takes just over half an hour to walk which I normally do due to the bus service being appalling - in the evening when they go down to half-hourly on my route, one always leaves just before one of the fast trains from London arrives. Also, I generally tend to head out early when...
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    Stations next to the beach

    It depends whether you count the Blackpool Tramway I guess!
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    People's least favourite stations

    I'm not a fan of either Kings Cross or St Pancras. As others have said I still think that St Pancras has been made too much like a shopping centre, it's a pain to get from either of them to the Underground, and at Kings Cross platforms are announced with far too little time before the train's...
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    Are you Stopping at Culham?

    I've seen similar signs at Stratford reminding drivers about Romford, in the Bishops Stortford area for Stansted Mountfitchet, and at Taffs Well for Trefforest Estate.
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    Sometimes request stops...

    I spent a week in Llandudno last summer, and found that trains always stopped at Deganwy whether anyone signalled or not. One time I wanted to get off there, and the conductor hadn't come down the train. I went to ask him about it at Llandudno Junction and he just gave me a funny look, so I...
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    "Anne" Station announcements

    After seeing how reliable the automated announcements on board the 317s are, you may change your mind! :lol: