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    CAF Inneo for the DLR

    Regarding the P86/P89 units in Essen - new stock was ordered a few years ago to replace these between 2023 and 2025.
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    Manchester Metrolink - Scrapping of T68s and T68As at Booths

    A shame 1001 wasn't preserved, a historically very important tram although I really can't see where it would have gone, certainly wouldn't have been preserved as a runner due to being high-floor.
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    Which is worse: Sat Navs or the Misguided Busway?

    Being a Cambridge resident, I do feel the busway is a bit pointless. What would have been wrong with it just being a normal road reserved for buses, which would've been much cheaper and quicker to build? The buses still end up getting caught in traffic in the city centre and in Arbury where they...
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    Should Victoria-Piccadilly Metrolink be enhanced?

    In all honesty, I find that walking between Piccadilly and Victoria doesn't take that long at all. Although I understand that option is less feasible for those with heavy luggage etc.
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    Manchester Metrolink T68 Thread

    With a bit of luck, Bombardier will do their usual trademark of delivering things late, thus giving the T68s a bit longer than two more years! It really seems a waste withdrawing the T68-a trams too, as they'll only be 15 years old in 2014.
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    Manchester Metrolink T68 Thread

    Shame to see them going, they're probably one of my favourite second-generation trams. I'm guessing 1003 is the only one in the new livery (with adverts), now they're being withdrawn they won't bother repainting any others?
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    Tramlink: Stadler Variobahns

    After riding on the Croydon Tramlink yesterday, all six Variotrams were out and were on Lines 1 and 4 only - apparently they can't go to Wimbledon as they don't fit in the Tramlink platform there. Is this true?
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    Tramlink: Stadler Variobahns

    As far as I'm aware they can be found anywhere, although I do see them on the 1 and 4 quite a lot. If you stand at East Croydon it certainly won't be long until one shows up!
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    Destinations On Blinds Never Used (Mind Games!) This video shows 'Spalding' on the destination blind of a 317! I wonder if WAGN were hoping to electrify the line and run a new service? :lol:
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    Greenwich DLR Station - seating removed

    I've heard St John's station is to be closed during the Olympics as well, any ideas why?
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    Emirates Air Line

    I suppose most people who will use it at first will just be people who are curious to see what it is and what it's like, it's quite expensive to use as regular transport but as a tourist gimmick it's fairly cheap compared to other tourist attractions.
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    Has the Blackpool Tram frequency reduced?

    During the Illuminations the heritage tours are planned to be every 20 minutes on top of the Illumination Tours as far as I know.
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    Blackpool Trams

    Some old trams will still be running on weekends - a fleet of nine Balloons with larger doors will do a Pleasure Beach - Cleveleys normal service, and there will also be a (more expensive) express heritage service from Pleasure Beach to Little Bispham, using the heritage fleet. More information...
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    Places that need a metro system

    Tell me about it! If you ask me, the guided busway should have been a DLR-type system, with trains burrowing underneath the city centre, as a problem with the busway is that once the buses are off the guideway itself, they just get stuck in traffic like regular buses do!
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    Blackpool Centenary Tramcars Question

    Ah right, thanks for that!
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    Blackpool Centenary Tramcars Question

    Hi all, just a quick question. Does anyone know what the whining/screaming noise is that the Centenary Tramcars made at low speed? Was always confused as to why it could only be heard from the inside. Thanks
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    Blackpool Tramway Fleet/Disposals List

    Ah right, thanks for that info. Nothing lasts forever you're right, although it would be nice to see as many preserved possible. During my only visit to Blackpool, I only managed to go on 630, 644, 648, 718 and 720, so would like a chance to travel on more types such as the twin sets.
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    T&W Metro 'got lost' this morning

    That happened to me on a 317 heading down to Liverpool Street a few weeks ago. The PA was trying to announce a slow LST - CBG service, when we were a fast CBG - LST service. On approach to Liverpool Street, the driver came over the tannoy: "I'd like to apologise for the automated announcements...
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    Blackpool Tramway Fleet/Disposals List

    It's a shame 648 has been rejected by Crich. In the old thread though, it was said that despite rumours, it hadn't been rejected! Is it likely that the unsold cars will be scrapped?
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    Any chances of "new" stock in the Isle of Wight

    The problem is that the 1973 Stock cars are of a longer design, which aren't as suitable for tight curves, such as in Ryde Tunnel. However, the 1972 Stock uses the shorter car length, so in my opinion would be more suitable for the Island.