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    Ticket gate-dodging with a valid ticket

    No, most of the time it's just teenagers doing it for a laugh. Never seen someone do it because they didn't think their ticket was valid!
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    Ticket gate-dodging with a valid ticket

    It's funny this has popped up, I'm a member of gateline staff and see people jump/force the barriers with a valid ticket more often than you'd think - most recently yesterday! I've never confiscated a valid ticket because of it though, a quick word with the person in question is usually sufficient.
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    Unsigned Railcards

    I recently got an online-issued Y-P railcard, but have no idea where you're meant to sign it. The white strip on the back, or above the orange line on the front? On an interesting enough note, they also seem to have given me a free extra week. My old Railcard, a one-year station-issued one, ran...
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    Help! Sat in First Class - or was it?

    The 08:48 is the first off-peak train from Cambridge to Liverpool Street, booked as 8 coaches and it's often very full by the time it reaches the London end of the line. First class is very rarely used by leisure travellers on this line, and the fact that this type of train doesn't have any...
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    Discretion when railcard is forgotten

    The 16-25 railcard does say "To be carried on all rail journeys" underneath where the holder's name is printed, I'd presume that other railcards say this too?