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    18:23 Hornsey to Norwich Crown Point 03/06

    I saw the service linked above pass Cambridge North on diesel, although I'm not sure whether that's more to do with the 755s not being approved for working in multiple on electric yet (at least I don't think they have been!).
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    EMR 153 Services

    Hi all, Apologies if there's already a thread on the matter, but can anyone tell me which routes EMR use their remaining 153s on? If anyone has diagrams or a list of services those would of course be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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    Trivia: Stations with a very unbalanced calling pattern in one direction

    The same is true in reverse - xx53, xx57 and xx03!
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    Norwich-Yarmouth 37s

    It was 423 and 716 on Saturday, although I couldn't say whether they have swapped/will swap. The rake is down to only two coaches at the moment though so it can get a little cosy!
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    Stopping service (not) in front of non-stop service

    I would hazard a guess that two out of four will be semi-fast, calling only at Royston, Baldock and Letchworth, as is the case with one train per hour at the moment.
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    Destination Blinds Showing Unusual Destination

    Recently I saw a 319 with Moorgate on the front, something that hasn't been possible for quite a while now! Back when the ex-LM 321s were newly cascaded to NXEA, and before they were fitted with the newer LED displays, a /4 (with a /3 on the rear) was working to Norwich vice 90 + Mk3s...
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    First Capital Connect 321s

    After having a look through last year's diagrams, they say that the 15:36 off Kings Cross is booked for a 321, the 16:32 a pair of 317s, the 16:54 (Cambridge service not Welwyn terminator) a 317, the 17:22 a pair of 321s, and the 17:52 a pair of 317s. These are from last year's diagrams, but I...
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    Heaton 142s in the nw

    They do, and when I went on 001 in July it had a 'Devon' sticker in one of the cab windows.
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    SWT v FCC

    The first off-peak Cambridge to Kings Cross train used to be the 09:15, formed of four coaches starting at Cambridge and four coming down from Kings Lynn. The portion from Kings Lynn used to be consistently five minutes late, so they changed it to the 09:20!
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    greater anglia: class 156 and 153

    The East Suffolk Line has four diagrams on a Saturday, two of which are 156 and two of which are 170. It alternates between 156s and 170s, so for instance the 08:17 from Ipswich is a 156, 09:17 170, 10:17 156 etc. As I've previously mentioned, one of these is the unit which forms the 06:42 from...
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    Anglia LHCS vice DMU again...

    The 06:42 Cambridge - Ipswich on a Saturday is booked a 156, and the 21:16 Ipswich - Cambridge and the return working are booked a 153. I usually try and aim for those trains to at least get something with opening windows and good ride quality!
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    Anglia LHCS vice DMU again...

    I remember when this happened in early 2010, had 57004 and 47712 on a few Yarmouth runs. Anyone who wanted to board or alight at Brundall Gardens had to do so via the DVT!
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    ATW May 2013 Timetable

    I've just spent a week in Tenby and all trains I used (bar one early morning bank holiday service which was a 153) were 150s, so presumably that may have already happened? The through services from Manchester were 175s as usual. Last year when I used the line most of the trains I saw were 143s!
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    greater anglia: class 156 and 153

    0642 from Cambridge on a Saturday is booked a 156 which then does the East Suffolk Line for the rest of the day.
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    Class 66/59 through Bishops Stortford last night?

    At around 21:30 last night at Bishops Stortford, I saw a DB Red Class 59/66 pass through at a fair speed with some ballast hoppers, heading south. Does anyone know what the loco number was, or the working? Thanks in advance :)
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    150s still allocated to long runs

    I'll probably be shot for this, but in terms of both comfort and traction preference, give me a 150 over a 170 anyday!
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    Best place to see Class 90 loco-hauled...?

    If you're interested in travelling on them, an Anglia Day Rover offers unlimited travel between Ipswich and Norwich among other things, so it's possible to cop quite a few off!
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    Which trains serving Potters Bar are allocated to Class 317s?

    UKModernEMUs is where I found the diagrams I posted above, forgot to mention :oops: As for Real Time Trains, I wouldn't trust the information from that. It seems to show almost all slow Cambridge services as 317s when it's actually a mix of those, 321s and 365s, and it also shows some...
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    Which trains serving Potters Bar are allocated to Class 317s?

    Generally it's pot luck unless you know the diagrams, and on a weekday your best bet of finding one is during peak hours. As far as I know there are two Saturday 317 diagrams though, which are as follows: 06:55 Cambridge - London Kings Cross 08:19 08:36 London Kings Cross - Peterborough 10:06...
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    Rolling stock allocations on London Midland Birmingham-Liverpool.

    Most of the times I've ever used a New St - Lime St LM service, a 350/2 has turned up.