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    Burton Nemesis Rail 56s?? Please

    Hello can anyone tell me what numbers the 6 56s on the row nearest the main line are also the 08 which is at the rear of the line thanks
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    Colton Junction advice Please

    lo im thinking of going to Colton Junction on tuesday for the NRM drag,Scrap train and HST to Loughbrough , is there also much traffic on there aswell besides that thanks
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    Atherstone & Lichfield Station Freight Please

    Lo does anyone know what Atherstone & Lichfield is like for frieght and whats the best times please
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    Rugby Station, any good?

    Hello Does anyone recommend a decent platform at Rugby for freight please. I'm off Thursday afternoon and is there much due through aswell thanks.
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    Sileby Station

    Lo whats Sileby Station like for freight near Mountsorrel or is there better places around there for photos thanks
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    Warrington Freight times

    Lo has anyone got any info what timings freight goes through Warrington Low and High Level Please & also is there any place where ya can view low and high at the same time thanks going wednesday this week cheers
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    70 @ Midland Road Leeds - 23 nov 2011

    Lo does anyone no what the number is of the 70 in the shed at Midland road today bout 3ish 23nov 2011 cheers
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    Mail train 325 in donny decoy yard

    Lo does anyone know the number of the 325 in donny decoy on Saturday thanks