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    50007 - Kingsbury May 2012 - Scrapped ???

    lo was reading on Wilkapedia yesterday about 50007 and it said its been sold to EMR at Kingsbury - ie Component recovery. Sold to EMR. Due at Kingsbury May 2012 can anyone lighten me on this cheers
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    Pullman destroyed by fire

    i doubt it was down there on sunday looked a pile of burnt out timber when i saw it
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    Steam Galas for 25th march

    Lo does anyone no of any galas tommorow on the 25th march please
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    Railfest 2012

    got me 2 tickets for photo event £50 each bit steep but atleast ya dont have every tom dick and harry in the way 5th june 7-9am
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    NYMR - Best Photo Spots

    quality thanks will keep this for future ref cheers :)
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    NYMR - Best Photo Spots

    I will look today and slap pix up later Cheers
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    NYMR - Best Photo Spots

    Lo im off to the diesel Gala tommorow at NYMR ,where are the best photo spots please and is it best driving in car to them or just get the train and jump off at stations thanks
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    KWVR diesel Gala Photo Points

    LO does anyone know how much it is or is it easy to get some good photo points on the Keighley worth valley line and how do you get to them cheers