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    TfGM Photography Permit

    if You do delete photos delete them , then replace the mem card and recover the photos off your card you deleted earlier aslong as you dont write to the card once deleted , you will get them back that way and looks like youve deleted them
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    Northern Rail Driver Flicking 2 Fingers at me

    [haha looking again it does look like the blind :)
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    Northern Rail Driver Flicking 2 Fingers at me

    no LOL some people could think hes flicking a V LOL
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    Northern Rail Driver Flicking 2 Fingers at me

    it dosent bother me to much but some people would take it personal and the driver could face disiplinary
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    Northern Rail Driver Flicking 2 Fingers at me

    Lo i was at Church fenton on 30th sept and took a load of pics there and noticed when i got home the driver was flicking 2 fingers at me LOL heres the pic -
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    How to "win friends and ............" !!!

    LOL nice one there was a guy at stafford the other week with camcorder and tripod in his 60s went to end of platform ,disobeying the sign no enthusiast or passengers pass this point .. straight in my view so . was gonna just go and stand in front of his camera to what he would say ..some...
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    Fotopic Alternatives

    Cheers Dai i prefer putting photos on the thread like i do rather than hunting through flickr sites or links to where pictures are i do the same on various aviation forums i belong to aswell it seems more popular thanks
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    Perfect shutter speed for moving trains?

    All depends on the weather i usually got for an aperture around f8 and iso 200 sometimes have to do low shutter speed due to weather and hold the camera still it cant be hard sometimes but i think ive had positive results as i usually post my pix on here
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    What Camera??

    ye thats what i started with a d40 couldnt faut it :))
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    What Camera??

    A DSLR i HAve a Nikon D90 cant fault it :)
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    Night Photography

    Heres a Night photo I Took recently with a Nikon d90 Iso 200 30 sec exposure F/16 St Lawrence Church Scunthorpe