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    24 hr stations ???

    Does anyone know any stations which are open 24 hrs and arent good through the night ie freight stopping etc I know about Carlisle anymore please
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    Stafford Station on Sturdays any Ideas ??

    Hi does anyone know what Staffords Like on a Saturday thanks or any good Lineside shots North of Nuneaton thanks
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    Camping Near Norwich ??? any ideas

    Hello Does anyone know of any good campsites around Norwich area or Anglia near a railway Line preferabley please
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    Spotting allnighter on stations

    Lo does anyone no of any good stations where u can stop all night on and where theres quite a bit of traffic ie stop overs for driver change , im trying Carlisle this week wondered if theres any other good ones round England for some decent night time Photography thanks
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    long marston railway open day 2012

    Lo is there anynews of an open day at Long Marston this year ???
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    Monk Fryston Any good

    Lo is Monk Fryston any good for freight and traffic cheers
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    In & Around Doncaster Spotting or Photographing Locations

    Lo does anyone no any good locations in around the Doncaster Location with 30mile radius and where is it busy with freight around there ive done everything from Doncaster to Immingham on that line ,Looking at going further a field thanks
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    Doncaster on Sundays

    Lo anyone know what Donny Station is like on a Sunday thinking of going there today around dinnertime ish Cheers
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    Looking for Old Railway Photos

    Lo does anyone have any old Railway photos they dont want looking to get a large collection of Photos of all around the country Cheers
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    Depots open days : Is there any?

    Lo just been to basford hall today through Crewe heritage centre .does anyone know of Any similar events this year or tours of depots and open days thanks
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    Crewe heritage centre & basford Hall

    Lo any news or pix from todays open day ???? looking forward to it will be there tommorow and is it easy to get to the other depots around crewe to take pix cheers
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    Stafford Station any good

    Off to Stafford station tommorow is it any good is there a variety of stuff through there looking at getting some shots of class 86s and 70s