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  1. TheWalrus

    800s to Bedwyn

    Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere but recent news is following the electrification to Newbury, 800s will be used to continue to give Bedwyn direct services to London. Will this be the same service level as now (1tph) or only at certain times? I also think it would make...
  2. TheWalrus

    Factors limiting revenue

    Do things such as poor infrastructure and rail regulation prevent TOCs making money, and as a result pay less in premiums/require more subsidy? For example, LM wanted to extend their Crewe services to Liverpool and divert a Birmingham to Liverpool service to Preston. However the ORR...
  3. TheWalrus

    Travelling Chef from Swindon to London

    Hi Basically if I catch the 0927 from Swindon to London it says the Travelling Chef is available as far as Swindon, does this mean passengers joining at Swindon are eligible for Travelling Chef or it's only available until Swindon? Cheers
  4. TheWalrus

    London Waterloo to Poole services

    I wanted to discuss the purpose of these services. Trains generally run semi-fast between London and Eastleigh, wait to be overtaken (maybe just on Northbound services I'm not sure) go on to Southampton, sit there for about 18 minutes to let the fast Weymouth through, then go on as a stopper to...
  5. TheWalrus

    Open Access Operators

    I'm not sure this hasn't been discussed before but could open access operators play a key role in the future of the railways? Open Access companies identify flows which could be catered for profitably, without government funding. They provide a good service to their customers and are...
  6. TheWalrus

    No mention of London-Exeter semi-fasts after IEP?

    Hi all Ive noticed in all articles about the IEP on the GW recently there has been no mention of the new franchisee running these services. It has also been brought to my attentio that they are not even mentioned in the ITT! My initial thought is that the ITT is referring to 2013, not yet...
  7. TheWalrus

    Duplication of resources

    I was waiting for a train bac to Swindon at Bath Spa last Thursday, and noticed there was a 1602? To Westbury, followed closely by a 1607? To London Waterloo. The Westbury was late, so ran behind the London Waterloo, which ended up taking most of the passengers, leaving the Westbury lightly...
  8. TheWalrus

    virgin vt3 timetable 2003

    Hi does anyone have a link to a virgin cross country timetable prior to 2003 including the paddington to birmingham via solihull services?
  9. TheWalrus

    merging services?

    Recently ive had an idea to merge services into longer through services in order to improve efficiency and promote through services. Some ideas ive had so far are: - manchester-barrow and barrow-carlisle - glasgow-carlisle carlisle-newcastle and taking the newcastle-middlesborough part of the...
  10. TheWalrus

    Higher speeds between reading and taunton?

    In the latest edition of rail magazine it states as part of the gwml improvements there will be "higher speeds between reading and taunton to provide a more uniform service." does this mean raising line speeds or simply cutting out stops?
  11. TheWalrus

    Which routes are subsidised?

    Ok basically im looking for all routes which are operated with public subsidy! Whether its throughout the day or just late evenings, and the frequency of the service level subsidised, and also whether its the total duration of the route or part of it and what rolling stock is used. I think thats...
  12. TheWalrus

    IEP - bi modes and electrics

    If bi-modes and electrics perform the same, whats the point in electrification? Im a bit confused but im sure theres something!
  13. TheWalrus

    FGW HST diagrams

    Hi Does anyone have the HSS diagrams for Dec 10 or have a link to them so I can use them? Many Thanks, Ryan
  14. TheWalrus

    WSMR gone - alternatives?

    Hi Now WSMR has ceased operation could this provide an opportunity for franchised operators to start operating Shrewsbury-London? Maybe Virgin would be interested? This could be done by either extending Euston-Wolves to Shrewsbury/Wrexham etc.; or extending a Euston-Brum to Shrewsbury via...
  15. TheWalrus

    ATW May 11 changes

    Hey Recently read on a post that atw are planning more calls south of shrewsbury on the holyhead runs. has anyone got any more info on this? cheers Ryan
  16. TheWalrus

    Cross City clashes!

    Hi Just been reading the timetable for Cross City, and it appears XCs to Bristol and Plymouth depart at XX12 and XX42 with the stoppers leaving at XX13 and XX43. How is this possible? Or is it a PTT mask up?
  17. TheWalrus

    Cheltenham-Birmingham timings

    Hi Does anyone have like a complete working timetable for the Cheltenham Birmingham line? Basically I'm looking for something that tells me the time each train passes each location along the line (eg when a 1342 voyager off Brum passes Longbridge). I'm sure there is something like this...
  18. TheWalrus

    Passenger numbers?

    Hi i know pax counts are done at many stations, and in response to my last thread, is there any way of getting hold of some previous counts?
  19. TheWalrus

    Thames Valley - XC at Didcot and local services

    Hi all There's two things I wanted to bring up on the forum regarding services between Reading and Oxford. One was the frequency of services. There are currently 2tph stopping services from London-Oxford. How well loaded are these during the day? I would propose an hourly semi-fast...
  20. TheWalrus

    Frome - line speeds and strange announcement!

    Hi Today I travelled back from Taunton on the 1519, which calls at Frome. The line speeds on the loop are very low, as are the approaches to it. If the points and everything approaching Frome were upgraded to run faster in and out, and the line speed of the loop itself was raised, would this...