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  1. TheWalrus

    St.Budeaux Victoria Road to St.Budeaux Ferry Road

    Aren't the two stations opposite each other? So why would you use a train?
  2. TheWalrus

    A day trip from Reading to Bath

    Split at Didcot.
  3. TheWalrus

    London to Cheltenham

    You could buy separate tickets?
  4. TheWalrus

    Great Malvern to Bracknell

    Have you tried splitting at Winnersh? I think that may work.
  5. TheWalrus

    Twyford - Taunton Day Return

    You will be lucky to find a service calling at all those stations on the outbound and return trips.
  6. TheWalrus

    Truro - Westbury

    Im sure theres a train leaving Penzance at around 0541 which runs direct to Westbury arriving 0958? That would be just in time for your 1015 arrival.
  7. TheWalrus

    London to plymouth

    Or you can split at Pewsey if your train stops there, just so no one forgets that route!
  8. TheWalrus

    Liverpool to Slough return (8th-10th Feb)

    Have you tried via Reading and Birmingham?
  9. TheWalrus

    Bristol to London day return

    Could you split at Swindon instead of Didcot and have a greater choice of services?
  10. TheWalrus


    Get two gps 3s i would recommend.
  11. TheWalrus


    ok i think advances from bristol pway is best :) that covers the change at newport so if i miss the connection i can get the next one. then a return swindon-bristol pway
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  13. TheWalrus


    hmmm...well the advances from npt look good! will there be any thru advances from swindon?
  14. TheWalrus


    yes, sorry didnt make that clear! advance singles are available from Newport but not Swindon!
  15. TheWalrus


    Ah! Well I was hoping to just use splitting for flexibility unless something very good turns up...
  16. TheWalrus


    OK. I thought maybe Hereford? And were not going via Crewe :lol: would be via Wrexham. I looked at the 1st June but no advances available.
  17. TheWalrus


    Hey Me and my mum are planning to travel to Conwy in June. We want to get from Swindon to Newport, then the 1336 Newport-Conwy, and on the way back leaving Conwy at 0917 back to Newport. Where can I split tickets on this journey in order to get it cheapest? The journey planner threw up a...
  18. TheWalrus

    Cheapest split ticket from Exeter to London

    you can split at Bedwyn I believe, but thers only one train from Exeter that calls there.
  19. TheWalrus

    Manchester to London on the cheap?

    Wait til HS2 is built :lol: then you will get it dirt cheap. thing is you could walk there and arrive with decades before its built!