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  1. TheWalrus

    How far West did a SWT 170 get?

    I have been wondering this question as I only ever saw them going as far as Gillingham, but usually only Salisbury. I did find some photos on google of some at EXD, but did one ever make it to Bristol or Paignton/Plymouth/Penzance?
  2. TheWalrus

    Is a uniform fleet cheaper to operate than a mixed fleet?

    I understand that with a uniform fleet, it is cheaper to train crew initially, but are operational costs cheaper to have just one class of unit in a fleet? And if so in what ways is this cheaper, in ongoing costs, other than initial and staffing costs?
  3. TheWalrus

    Stored EMUs and where could they be deployed next?

    Just wondering if there is a list or if someone knows how many EMUs are currently off lease or expected to go off lease in the foreseeable future? I would also like to discuss the possible future ises for these EMUs and whether we need more electrification in order to make use of them. I am...
  4. TheWalrus

    Fitting Diesel engines to EMUs

    I was wondering with the 769/230 projects and many new EMUs due to come off lease soon (i.e. 707s), what would be the possibility of fitting Diesel engines to these and using as a bi-mode like the 769s? Or pantographs? It could help find a new home for them as otherwise it seems a waste.
  5. TheWalrus

    IET at Exeter tonight 20/06/18

    I saw an IET at Exeter St. Thomas tonight at 1948 heading towards St. David’s. Was quite surprised as they don’t usually come here. According to Real Time Trains it was going from Plymouth to Stoke Gifford. Anyone know any more about this?
  6. TheWalrus

    AT300 journey time improvements

    Reading the recent news the FGW are likely to be receiving new trains for London-West services, they are expected to reduce journey times by 5 minutes to Exeter, 6 to Plymouth and 14 to Penzance. This seems a relatively small reduction compared to those to Oxford, Bristol and South Wales. For...
  7. TheWalrus

    Potential Scotrail 170 cascade

    If Scotrail releases all it's 170s in 2018, would it make sense to reform them into 4 an 2 car units? Then send 4x4car 170s to Southern to strengthen Uckfield services. 2 car units could be useful for Northern and TPEX services?
  8. TheWalrus

    Class 153 after 2020

    I was just wondering about what will happen about the 153s after 2020. Some have suggested reforming them to 155s and others have suggested scrapping them. Surely it would make sense not to scrap them as we will still need more carriages and despite a Disabled Toilet taking away seating...
  9. TheWalrus

    166/165 turbos and SDO

    Hi I've been wondering with turbos being proposed for FGWs west routes how will they deal with platforms shorter than 3 cars ie St James' Park, Avoncliff, Melksham and Dilton Marsh? Can SDO be installed on the turbos or will they just not call? Cheers, Ryan
  10. TheWalrus

    London to Plymouth and Penzance after IEP

    I know we have been discussing about future Paddington - West Country services on another thread but I thought I should start another one. Realistically what is going to happen after IEP is introduced on the GWML? I know the plan is to keep HSTs running for now but I think they will need a lot...
  11. TheWalrus

    Turbos being cleared as far as Castle Cary and refurbishment

    Whilst reading a few of the latest rail magazines this afternoon I noticed a picture of a 166+165 at Castle Cary, as FGW had been sending them down there to check platform clearances at Pewsey and Westbury. I know a while back someone posted a map in a thread regarding the future of turbos...
  12. TheWalrus

    which dmus can operate DOO?

    What units could operate DOO and which ones could be modified to do so?
  13. TheWalrus

    Mark 3 weight?

    Quick question how much does a mark 3 weigh? Cant find the answer anywhere!
  14. TheWalrus

    Bi mode vs electric?

    Hi How will the running costs compare between a bi mode and diesel in terms of maintenance and track access? Will a bi mode need as much maintenance as a diesel? And will the track access be cheaper than a diesel and more expensive than an electric? Or will it be the same as an electric...
  15. TheWalrus

    Adelantes vs Voyagers

    Does anyone know the difference in operating costs between the 2, in terms of fuel, maintenance and track access costs? FGW always tell me that they are quite close, and that a 2+8 HST is about the same as a 180. However XC seem to substitute a Voyager at every opportunity! So between the...
  16. TheWalrus

    Where's the XC HST new diagrams gone?

    Hi there I've searched the forum for the thread about the new diagrams, but keep getting told my search cannot be found. Basically it's because next Saturday I'm planning to go to Newton Abbot, arriving on the 1203, returning on the 1603 (believe this is a HST). Can someone link me to the...
  17. TheWalrus

    the 5 spare 180s. What's happening?

    Hi There have been some rumours in the railway magazines and on wiki saying that they could return to FGW in late 2010. Does anyone know how much truth is in this? Cheers, Ryan
  18. TheWalrus

    Grand Central West Riding HST clearance

    Hi I know there is a problem with HSTs on the West Riding services, so I was wondering what is it stopping them from operating these services? Is it something that can be sorted easily? Or would they be clear if they avoid Pontefract? Cheers, Ryan
  19. TheWalrus

    CDF-PGN diagram - what was it today?

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows what unit operated this service today? Cheers Ryan
  20. TheWalrus

    how long to switch power supply on a bi-mode?

    On a different thread people were suggesting it would take 7-12 minutes to change from diesel to electric and vice versa.Isnt there a way it could be done quickly?Cheers Ryan