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  1. TheWalrus

    London to Exeter

    I couldn’t get a reservation last weekend so I guess they haven’t reintroduced them.
  2. TheWalrus

    How busy is the London - Bristol reverse commute at peak times?

    All Bristol- Paddington services have been busy when I've been on them, nearly all seats taken.
  3. TheWalrus

    'Spotting' at Leeds?

    When I went to Leeds I went to the office and signed in and they gave me a visitor badge. I had no trouble.
  4. TheWalrus

    Paddington to Euston transfer

    Their website says I can buy from the driver onboard but advises against paying with notes?
  5. TheWalrus

    Paddington to Euston transfer

    Yes ive checked the times and fares online looks like its 20 mins and I don't have a contactless card unfortunately but may ask my bank about it. Cheers for all the info appreciate it :)
  6. TheWalrus

    Paddington to Euston transfer

    Thanks for all the useful replies:) How much is the 205 bus out of interest if you know and how long does it take?
  7. TheWalrus

    Paddington to Euston transfer

    Hi I'm planning a cross-London transfer between Paddington and Euston what is the easiest and quickest way of doing it? Should I take the tube toEuston Square and walk or somehow change onto the Northern line for Euston? Cheers
  8. TheWalrus

    Stations you've used that are now closed

    Is it? Soz havent been there in a while!