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  1. Iskra

    Loganair Axes Newcastle-Aberdeen flight

    Good news for LNER this one:
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    'The Here, There and Everywhere Trains- Yet Again!' -Pathfinder Tours 30-31/7 This tour refers to a series of mini-tours covering parts of South/Western England and South Wales from Friday afternoon on 30/7, Friday afternoon, night and Saturday daytime. The advertised traction has...
  3. Iskra

    Your favourite road trips?

    I've been watching youtube videos of the Scottish North Coast 500, and was wondering if anyone has done any interesting road trips or is planning any in the future? These can be as grand or as local as you like, providing they have some sort of wider appeal. My top 3 that I've done would be: -...
  4. Iskra

    UK locomotives in preservation abroad?

    There are a number of non-native locomotives operating on British preserved lines. However, are there any foreign preserved railways that have a British locomotive or even any rolling stock in use? I’m not including locomotives built in the UK exported for service abroad. I’m referring to...
  5. Iskra

    Hattons Genesis 4 & 6 Wheel Coaches

    Here is a video explaining the product and the liveries: Has anyone else been tempted by any of these? Or perhaps even the Hornby version? They aren't necessarily correct for my layout, but I've pre-ordered a couple in BR maroon for departmental use or possibly as a cycle van. Some of the...
  6. Iskra

    The Batley & Spen by-election

    One of the more interesting by elections- even more so after Hartlepool went Conservative. George Galloway has now announced he is standing on an 'anti Starmer' ticket for the Workers Party of Great Britain. Personally, I think he has no chance and that it would be sad if he were elected as I...
  7. Iskra

    Mainline Steam Freight Demonstrations 1988

    I was watching the below Youtube video, looking for some information on Stanier Jubilee Locomotives and was interested to discover mainline steam demonstration freights were run in 1988 in the Salisbury area using an 8F. I was unable to find any further information on these services on the...
  8. Iskra

    Neville Hill Depot (post HST’s)

    With the exit of HST’s from Neville Hill Depot, does anyone know what is happening with their depot space, the technicians and the EMR class 08’s please?
  9. Iskra

    Bachmann Announcements

    As we have a thread for Hornby, it makes sense to have one for Bachmann too. Today, they've announced a small number of new locomotives and rolling stock. Release video: List of new products: - - - - - I think...
  10. Iskra

    Thoughts on night railtours?

    Pathfinder Tours have announced a series of railtours in July including an overnight one. The overnight one interests me due to the routing, but I’ve never been on an overnight railtour and I’m looking for anyone who has who can share there impresions and experiences please? Are they worth...
  11. Iskra

    Leeds Holbeck Depot- Current Use?

    Can anyone comment on what the current goings on are at this depot please? It's owned by RTS infrastructure apparently but their description of the purpose of the depot is very vague. Wikipedia states that the 333's were refurbished here between 2018 and Jan 2020, but what happens there now...
  12. Iskra

    Trivia: Stations/Lines that receive a better service during times of disruption

    During blockades on the Hope Valley Line, TPE often run Manchester-Sheffield services via Huddersfield. This has an added side benefit of providing a faster express service between Huddersfield and Sheffield, compared to the normal Northern service on the Penistone Line. What other examples are...
  13. Iskra

    Compulsory Reservations- Poll

    Following on from the LNER Thread, which explores many of the arguments for and against, I was interested to see what a poll would look like on the above question. Please vote below. The LNER thread...
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    Bachmann/Farish Spring 2021 Product Announcement

    And the products in list form; I'm liking the look of the experimental green Jubilee. I'm slightly irritated that they've released a sound fitted version of their new DRS 20, when I've ordered a DCC fitted version...
  15. Iskra

    0830 Woolley Coal Sidings SB to Belmont Down Yard

    Can anyone provide any information on what this train was/is please, it seemed louder than normal and Woolley is an interesting location as the sidings don’t really exist anymore. Is it a tamper or locomotive working out of a possession perhaps? Thanks in advance
  16. Iskra

    DRS Mk2 Coaches and the Nuclear Escort role

    I’m looking for some information regarding DRS Mk2 coaches. When were the DRS liveried ones first introduced, where were they sourced and did they wear any other livery before being repainted into DRS Compass livery? I’m mainly interested in the DRS coaches that have been used to escort...
  17. Iskra

    The Historic Management of Railway Disruption

    During disruption these days we often see substitute road transport, trains turning back early, part cancellations, ticket acceptance with other TOC's, limited services continuing etc. But can anyone shed any light on how things were done differently in the below era's; 1) BR- this should be...
  18. Iskra

    Fort George OO Gauge Scottish Terminus/Junction Layout

    Fort George is a fictional layout based on a Scottish port town, loosely based on Fort William. It's the terminus of a secondary mainline, but also the starting point of a minor branch line, thus services connect into each other at Fort George, with some freight and through passenger trains also...
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    Trip Report Community End of Year Review 2020

    It's that time of year again... It's been a strange one, but here is the annual thread for sharing your achievements and reflecting on your travels. Did you still manage to get out on the rails? Did you make the most of whatever chance you did have to get out and about? What are your dreams for...
  20. Iskra

    Stocks And Shares

    Does anyone here trade or invest in these? It's been a great day today! I invested in Oil, Coca Cola and HSBC starting back in lockdown and I've made a healthy return so far. Obviously I have had a couple of setbacks along the way but I think that's pretty normal!