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    DfT responsibility for structures in Scotland

    I was passing the red brick bridges over Eastwoodmains Road at Williamwood station and noticed that the disused one has a DfT reference number painted in it. Do they carry responsibility for some structures in Scotland?
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    Most scenic bus stop in Britain?

    At the mouth of Lochleven near Ballachulish. Pity it’s not a more fitting structure.
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    Trivia. Go anywhere multiple unit

    The issue of route clearance seems to come up regularly on the forum. Is there a multiple unit that could provide a passenger service to every station on the network? My thought is the Class 156 but I’m far from knowledgeable enough to be certain. At 23m x 2 it’s probably too long for some places.
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    Rail use by local authority area

    Found this quite interesting. No idea how accurate it is but before people latch onto the Isle of Arran, it's by local authority!
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    Additional Trains for East Kilbride and Barrhead

    According to the Barrhead News four more Class 156 DMUS are to be allocated to these routes from May. The officials quoted also mention further planned improvements on the routes - electrification...