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  1. QueensCurve

    WCML overhead wire problems 22 July 2019

    Anyone have any information on the chaos on the WCML today 1Z44 0955 Preston to Edinburgh appears to have been stuck since 1000 and nothing has passed in the down direction since.
  2. QueensCurve

    Euxton WCML overhead wire problems 24 May 2019

    Presently onboard 9S65 1143 Euston to Glasgow just departed Crewe. I understand there are overhead wire problems at Euxton initially affecting all 4 lines but now reported as affecting the fast lines only. At risk of being "voyerish or spotterish" does anyone know what happened? Any...
  3. QueensCurve

    Signal problems at Bath Spa 23-24 March

    Signal problems at Bath Spa since yesterday, 23 March 2019 have been having a Bizarre consequence. All of the Down trains are being routed on the Up line between Bathampton Junction and Oldfield Park while most, not all, of the up trains are being routed on the Down line on the same stretch...
  4. QueensCurve

    Proposed Droplight Fairwell Tour

    A friend is considering a #droplightfarewell tour with a view to travelling in droplight stock before the PRM regulations make it all obsolete. He is asking for help with the routes on which droplight stock might still be founds. First thoughts:- Great Western HSTs Cross Country HSTs (which...
  5. QueensCurve

    Signal problems at Oxenholme 20170913

    Delays due to signaling problems reported at Oxenholme on 13 Sept. RTT attributes cancellations to "Power Failure" eg: Realtime Trains | 1M90 0422 Glasgow Central to...
  6. QueensCurve

    Linside Fires affecting the railway

    There seem to have been a rash of linside fires affecting the railway in recent weeks. Locations include: Camden Maryport Carlisle New Cross Carluke This may be a random bunching, and certainly the Maryport fire was independet of the railway (though huge) and did not, in so far as I am...
  7. QueensCurve

    Wires down between Preston and Lancaster

    There is some "major disruption" between Lancaster and Preston this evening. An earlier tweet by one of the players said a train had hit an obstruction on the line. @Networkrail tweeted that they had sent someone to take the wires down. Anyone have more information?
  8. QueensCurve

    1L83 1534 Liverpool Lime Street to Birmingham New Street

    Reports of Overhead wire problems today near Runcorn. Was it 1L83 1534 Liverpool to Birmingham that was at the centre of the problem?
  9. QueensCurve

    Nicholas Bridge in Carlisle - planned work

    Network Rail reports track across the Nicholas Bridge in Carlisle will be replaced. Does anyone know any more about this? Which route does it affect and what is the scope?
  10. QueensCurve

    Overhead wire problems Warrington BQ 3/12

    NRE reported overhead wire problems at Warrington Bank Quay Yesterday. It seems to have caused quite a lot of disruption It sees that most down trains used platform 4 and the down slow. Most up trains are reported by RTT a having used Platform 3 (down fast). Does anyone know...
  11. QueensCurve

    Unidentified Station and Railway Crest

    I wonder if anyone can help me identify this station or railway crest from my family album. The date is late 1980s and it may be a heritage railway or excursion train. IIf it helps, the same film had a picture which appeared to the of the Betws y coed railway museum.
  12. QueensCurve

    "Operational Incident", Wembley Down Slow

    London Midland tweeted:- Earlier this afternoon. Does anyone know what happened? The thread heading should of course have been down FAST.
  13. QueensCurve

    Nationalisation in 1948 and Privatisation in 1994

    Mod Note: Split from the thread on Scotrail subsidising Dutch rail services It is part of the globalised economy, but it is also a sign of a privatisation that allowed state owned foreign companies to bid while refusing to allow British Rail to do so. Doctrinaire.
  14. QueensCurve

    Mysterious Virgins between Crewe and Hartford Junction

    Today there would seem to be several Mysterious Virgin workings between Crewe and Hartford Junction. Does anybody know what these are or why they are running?
  15. QueensCurve

    WCML Engineering overrun 24 April 2016

    National Rail Enquiries is reporting an engineering possession overrun between Preston and Lancaster projected to go on to 18:00 today. Does anyone know what has gone wrong?
  16. QueensCurve

    Heathrow Connect suspended/332s withdrawn from service (running again)

    Heathrow Connect services are currently suspended due to "unforeseen fleet issues":- Does anyone know why?
  17. QueensCurve

    Greenhill upper Diveunder back on'?

    This report in The Scotsman:- Is the prostpect of a grade-separated junction at Greenhill-Upper back on, or are they just extrapolating too far?
  18. QueensCurve

    0K57 0845 Wembley Inter City Depot to Crewe

    An intriguing one here:- Operational Information Schedule from VSTP Timed for 168mph max Diesel locomotive A driver training diagram? But a Diesel locomotive timed for 168mph on the slow line...
  19. QueensCurve

    1Z43 0924 Newbury to London Paddington

    Re: 1Z43 0924 Newbury to London Paddington. This appears to have left Newbury before Bedwyn. I understand that there were probelms withoverrunning engineering work in the Bedwyn area this morning, but what actually happened to it? How come it isn't shown as leaving Newbury again later?
  20. QueensCurve

    Dewirement at Crewe

    It would seem that 1F45 the 1336 Birmingham to Liverpool lost it's pantograph on the approach to Crewe today. My question is this: why did this disrupt services which should not have been affected? Case in point woudl be 1T40 the 1405 Chester to Shrewsbury. This is a non-electric service...