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    Colour vision

    To point out guys. i have always been told that i had red-green colour blindness, have failed the ishrat test, but i have had a 6 year career in the armed forces as a para (red-green lights to tell you to jump) and also 2 years as a lynx pilot. I have passed both the city test and also the more...
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    FCC medical

    Hi all im new to these forums and thought it might be wise to see if there is anyone here who has attended a FCC medical assessment in london recently. Ive been invite to one on the 7th June and dont seem to be able to get or find any information from FCC (even spoken to the person who deals...
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    been invited to attend assessments with FCC

    hi there gareth, i think i mightbe able to answer your question as i recently went through a FCC assesment in march, for a CSA role. the assesment consisted of: 1)meet the team, where around 10 managers, introduced themselves along with some station team members. They also laid out the day...