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    Withdrawn locos - how would you know

    Ha ha! I specifically remember Rose Grove shed on the morning of Saturday 03/08/68 - the last day of regular steam workings - was like the end of the 1923 Cup Final (? The one with Bolton and the policeman on the horse). I go there around 10.00 in the morning. There must have been 300 -400...
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    Locomotive Exchanges in 1948

    Oh, ok. It was that quote. Nontheless, G Fiennes esq, though not an engineer, I'm sure was perfectly aware of many of the factors involved. So I'm sure he didn't say/think/write this as if totally gobsmacked - more a case of wow - ok - now I really know for sure what a proper class 7, with...
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    The impact of the new EMR timetable on journeys from Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough to London

    Sure. I agree. Let's close all inter-city stations between Leicester and St Pancras while we're at it, or perhaps just give them a 1TP 2 hour stopping service. Ditto Manchester Picc, Stockport, Stoke and London Euston. Make by Beggars drive or take a taxi who live in between. Should not have...
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    Avanti Marriage Carriage

    The LMS had a Prncess and Arthur of Connaught - all in one :)
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    South African Steam in 1972.

    I don't know why we never went to the shed in Swaziland when I was there with my pal! I think only the Canadian-built 4-8-2s were working by then. Didn't know about the Henschel 2-10-2s. Gosh, the flames must have been out by the time they reached the superheater on those boilers :) I really...
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    Avanti Marriage Carriage

    Heh heh heh! Like it!
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    Liverpool loses its UNESCO world heritage status

    I was on the sidelines of two "accreditations" or whatever they call them for World Heritage Site status back around 2000 or so, and believe it or not, Unesco officials actually boasted that yes, there are people who opt for a place simply because it is on the WH list. In other words, if Mr...
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    Liverpool loses its UNESCO world heritage status

    I don't normally bother with off-topic posts, but the Unesco World Heritage Bull **** gets my goat. The whole nonsense is a total perversion of what it should be. It may have begun with good intentions, but today towns, cities, regions, governments and Unesco themselves know it's a total...
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    Locomotive Exchanges in 1948

    Just because one locomotive outperforms another in terms of haulage power doesn't mean the lower performance one (in terms of speed) in inferior as an economic tool for hauling stuff around. B1s were actually excellent locomotives - of their type. Low on maintenance costs (relatively) and...
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    Forgotten Railmen and women who made significant contribution to railway development deserving honour today

    He sounds good and worthy for the list. 1624885341 I didn't know they named any WDs? :) Sorry, I'm not up with modern traction. You use the past tense: has it been de-named, or scrapped? Why, please? I have no idea who he is.
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    Forgotten Railmen and women who made significant contribution to railway development deserving honour today

    A few minutes ago I suddenly realised that Lord (Josiah) Stamp probably died in 1941, and that this year would be the 80th anniversary of his death. So I looked it up on Wikipedia, and indeed, this man, who reformed the LMS root and branch and made it a railway fit to help win the war, died on...
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    Steam Loco "driver side"

    What you write here may indeed be correct - except "By the time the signal comes into sight a driver may not be able to stop if it’s showing danger," which surely cannot be correct. Unless there is some emergency, when all signals have been thrown to stop - the driver will have passed a distant...
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    South African Steam in 1972.

    Great stuff! I was there three years later - some of the older stuff you saw had gone by then, of course. Never went to Kaserne or Braamfontein - maybe they'd been dieselised by then as I don't even recognise the names.
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    Your favourite-sounding loco(s)/multiple units(s)?

    Dunno if it's been mentioned up thread, but the South African Cl 25 4-8-4s were a sound to behold on the karoo - as they were condensing locomotives and sounded more like a jet aeroplane approaching than a steam engine. Difficult to beat a Duchess with a typical WCML load on, ie 14-15...
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    MML slow lines north of Bedford

    They may have been designated as goods lines, but I remember going through the tunnel one weekday on a down semi-fast around 1966 on a diversion (I have no idea why) and several times in the early 70s, once on the up one weekday in c 1972 caused by something coming off the road on the fasts...
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    Heart of Wales Line

    Welcome! My problem then became I couldn't follow up on that post! I was thinking about starting a thread on the new timetable earlier, but might as well piggy back this thread. From May, TFW have put on four trains each way per day - except, to my shock, they've cut the early morning...
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    What do you usually say when people ask where you live or where you’re from?

    I like to know because a) I often know the place if in the UK or many countries in Europe and beyond(so it's a great way to open a conversation) and b) because it often helps me remember the person - I may forget the name (I do, regularly), but I'll remember the place they're from, even if...
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    Heart of Wales Line
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    IC246/247 Citadella: Ljubljana-Budapest Déli

    Upgrading this route as a strategic, long-distance link is fine by me: I don't know about the finacials, but at least it has the potential to take a lot of lorries off the roads. What I'm saying is a stupid waste of taxpayers' money is rebuilding every tiny halt, and, in the case of the...
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    IC246/247 Citadella: Ljubljana-Budapest Déli

    Well, certainly to a large extent, yes - so then close all those silly stations, save the vast expense of rebuilding them, and run a decent bus service. Nobody ever uses the first two stations between Ormoz and Ljutomer, nor several of the tiny ones north of Ljutomer and Murska that I've seen...