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    Avanti compulsory reservations and flexible tickets

    I'm travelling Huddersfield-Morecambe next Wednesday on an Anytime ticket. For the return, I'm booked on TPE and Northern services, however it may end up being more convenient to take an earlier train home, perhaps starting short at Lancaster - both of which are allowable on an Anytime ticket...
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    TPE Manchester Airport Advance during engineering work

    I'm looking to travel on the 0635 Huddersfield to Manchester Airport on Sunday 29 March, which is bustituted, apparently due to engineering north of York. (Why they aren't running a train south of York is not explained). The usual advance tickets (less than a tenner) don't seem to be available...
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    Return to a different origin with skip stop

    In the past, I have boarded at Marsden (unstaffed) and the guard has been happy to issue a return from Slaithwaite (previous station) to Manchester, which can be a more convenient journey for me. Now that TPE have taken over, and a skip-stop arrangement is in place such that there are only a...
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    Northern to trial Penalty Fares - report

    The Yorkshire Evening Post is reporting that Northern are going to introduce a revised scheme for passengers who travel without a ticket, which they are describing using the phrase "penalty fare"...
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    Huddersfield signalling re-control works

    Seems that there's a bit of a clash of dates between engineering work that will close Huddersfield station and the annual Food and Drink Festival which takes place in St George's Square, in front of the station. It's...
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    Leeds Bradford Airport (XLB) Return

    I'm struggling to book a HUD-XLB return ticket, (outbound Sunday 20th March, return Monday 28th March). I can get outbound times from NRE but it's not showing options for the return leg. Metro's planner, on the other hand, is showing these journeys as existing. As it's wholly within...
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    Bashers "hide in cabs"?

    Excellent piece of reporting from the Daily Express, on the fate of an idiot who thought that gaining entry to the back cab of a Pendo so he could play with the horn would end in anything other than the arrival of the BTP.
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    Excessing a fare anomaly

    What is the position with an over-riding excess on a journey where there is a fare anomaly and the longer journey is cheaper? I'm looking at Huddersfield to Halifax anytime return £5.50. On the return leg there is a chance that I would want to return to Slaithwaite, one stop beyond...
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    Huddersfield-Man Vic stopper in new timetable

    (I can't find an existing thread on this but please point me in the right direction if there is one) From the new timetable there are some very curious changes to the Huddersfield - Man Vic stopper, with journeys from Huddersfield being extended to Wigan Wallgate (or Southport in a few cases)...
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    West Yorkshire Day Rover - TVM/Online?

    The TVMs at Huddersfield don't appear to issue Day Rovers (Train only, the ticket stock isn't an issue for those). Am I missing something? Is it possible to enter something in search to find it? I remember the old QuickFare machines had a Day Rover buttons, so it seems odd that these newer...
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    Huddersfield ECS moves

    Is there any reason why the stock from the last Penistone Line service shunts from Platform 2 to the sidings (via P4) then shunts back in the morning rather than stabling in the platform?
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    TPE Seat Reservations

    (This isn't strictly about fares but as it's about tickets this seemed to be the most appropriate forum) I've booked Huddersfield to Salford Crescent and return tomorrow, on the TPE website. I've got seat reservation coupons only for the Huddersfield to Manchester Pic leg outbound...
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    Class 333 Toilet Doors

    13 years after they were introduced, why haven't the toilet doors on Class 333s haven't been modified to fix the design fault where a passenger leaving the toilet can press "close and lock" on the way out, thus leaving the toilet out of use until the Guard can come to unlock it? Surely there...
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    Strange looking freight routes

    On RealTime Trains, it shows a freight working (runs as required) 2310 Hall Royd Jn to Ilkley What I can't understand is why it goes from Sowerby Bridge to Halifax then takes a trip to Huddersfield then goes back to Halifax and on to Bradford Interchange. Can anybody offer a suggestion for...
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    National Rail Conditions of Carriage: Not worth the paper they're written on?

    To continue the discussion in this thread, it seems that some people think that where the NRCOC and railway byelaws contradict each other, the byelaws trump the COC even where the COC are more beneficial to the passenger. This leads to several questions: 1) Why are the NRCOC and byelaws...