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  1. Spirit555

    Class 47 D1842

    The above has been released for repairs/repaint from LSL at Crewe and transferred back to the Heritage Centre. It is apparently off to the Ecclesbourne Railway. a Pic link from a good friend below. Hope this is useful. Mark DSC00285 | Andy Cole | Flickr
  2. Spirit555

    Spanish Class 58's scrapped

    According to WNXX the following 58's have been scrapped, with cutting starting in December 2019 58015/20/24/29/30/31/43/47 RIP Mark
  3. Spirit555

    DRS renting DB Class 66's

    It has been quoted on WNXX that DRS are renting 5 x Class 66, 031, 091, 108, 122, 126 and possibly another 5. No length of hire mentioned. Thanks to WNXX for that What effect that will have on other DRS traction remains to be seen Hope this is of interest Mark
  4. Spirit555

    Problems Replacing stolen train tickets

    I would be very interested to know anyone's views, experiences etc. on the above. I purchased tickets from London North Western using Paypal to use on Virgin Trains on 15th July. I duly collected the tickets and put them in my wallet for safe keeping. I subsequently had my bag stolen with my...
  5. Spirit555

    West Midlands Trains 172/2, 172/3 Refurb

    I have been told that a WMT 172 went to Ilford for internal refurb from Tyseley on Saturday, headcode 5Q50. Does anyone have any details of the unit and possibly the extent of the refurb to take place. Mark
  6. Spirit555

    Class 08 at Bescot 28/03

    An 08 is currently being unloaded at Bescot this evening. It was on a low loader. Could be a Harry Needle one in preparation of GB operations there. Any info much appreciated Mark
  7. Spirit555

    French stored class 92

    I don't know if I am posting this in the correct place. Here goes 92021 arrived at Brush Loughborough from store in France today and 92040 is due to follow shortly. More to be re-activated for GBRF ?? Mark
  8. Spirit555

    Class 68 names

    It appears that the original planned names for 68026 - 68034 are being deviated from as 68028 has apparently been named Lord President. It was originally supposed to be named Splendid. Does anyone know if the policy has changed. Link to pic ( Not mine )...