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    Another NR pension question

    So I've now joined the railway pension scheme but they want to know what I want to do with the money I already have in my pension from the first 5 years work. I can leave it where it is or transfer it to Brass, if I go for Brass they give me a choice of funds to pick from. How do I know which is...
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    N R Pension

    I'm a signaller who's done 5 years and now joined the railway pension so have been sent forms to fill in and don't really understand 2 of them. First one is a Transfer Request which I think is about the NR pension I've had for the last 5 years, and then I've got a Transfer in form. I've really...
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    tpe number

    Could someone let me have a number for tpe hr or number for someone who could tell me about working practises
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    Any TPE york drivers

    Just a couple of questions from a signaller near York who signal you and was just wondering. How far in advance do you know when your working, I know what shift I'm working any day next year do you. I also get given 4 weeks booked holiday and then 12 days for me to book, how does yours work?
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    old routemaster

    In London for a couple of days at the end of week are there any routes that still use the old buses?
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    London Travel Tickets

    Going to London on Thursday arriving midday leaving Saturday at 1400 first visit for about 10 years what pass/ ticket do we want to allow us to travel around by bus and underground?
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    New Camera

    Going to India in 4 weeks so need a camera, looking on line i've seen a Kodak AZ422 astro Zoom for £139 would this be okay for me or can anyone recommend something else but it must be simple.
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    Taking money to India

    Going on holiday to India in a couple of months so starting to sort things out, one thing is what money should we take to change there pounds or dollers?
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    Will it really arc in this situation?

    While I agree he is to close to the edge could someone explain to someone who knows nothing how he going to touch the wires and how the electric is going to jump across. He is 8 foot high at the most lorries go under them and they are 16 foot so the wires must be 20 foot high, if so that means...
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    Staying near Harrogate

    I am looking for somewhere to stay in or near to Harrogate 6 nights in a row every 3 weeks for maybe the next 6 months. Can anyone recommend somewhere not to expensive not to bothered about food more bothered about somewhere to sleep.
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    Alicante to Madrid

    In Spain next week and the wife wants to go Madrid for a few days, where is the best place to get tickets and how much should we be paying Alicante to Madrid return?
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    Heyworth lane

    Been over Heyworth Lane level crossing near Doncaster today, when is it due to close.
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    I was talking to my mate last night and he has had to sign on for the basic dole of £71. Yesterday he went for his first meeting at the jobcentre and got told that to claim his money he would have to show that he his looking for work which is fine but he would also have to apply for 3 jobs per...
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    Camera memory card

    Going on holiday in 10 days so got camera out, it's a 6 year old Canon power shot a530 never been used much but handy in pocket. When I put new memory card in it comes up card locked what do I need to do to get it working
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    Alert driver - HT wrong roaded at Gilberdyke

    This afternoons Hull trains got the wrong signal at Gilberdyke should be sent via Selby but signalman routed via Goole. Driver stopped and had signal changed this is second time I have seen this happen there with Hull trains so how many times is this happening.
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    Amtrak multi city trip

    I have a multi city e ticket for 3 trips next month, two day trips and one overnight. When I arrive at my first station what do I do with my ticket, do I keep the one I have printed or do I need to change it, and how do you find your seat.
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    Old east yorkshire line

    Don't know if this is the right place for this but will try. I have been travelling between Gilberdyke and Eastrington to work when travelling though Sandholme there is a old house that looks like it was railway then as you keep going towards Eastrington there are 3 more all in a line near roads...
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    Statue of Liberty

    Me and the wife are going to New York next month and while there are going to the statue. We have looked on the website to book tickets to go up to the crown and it gives times to book such as 10 am but what is not clear is 10am the time of the ferry or access time to the statue anyone know...
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    Doncaster to London tickets for 49 people

    Wife has just come home from work saying she as got to book train from Doncaster to London and return for 49 passengers in September. What is the best way o book so many
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    BT internet

    Anyone had any problems with bt internet mine has sent old emails that I have sent over the last year.