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    Forgotten Railmen and women who made significant contribution to railway development deserving honour today

    A few minutes ago I suddenly realised that Lord (Josiah) Stamp probably died in 1941, and that this year would be the 80th anniversary of his death. So I looked it up on Wikipedia, and indeed, this man, who reformed the LMS root and branch and made it a railway fit to help win the war, died on...
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    S&C, Wennington lines both down to just two trains each way/day?

    Anyone know the reason for this, please? Has demand dropped off so badly?
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    Northampton - Peterborough / Traction and Closure Discussion

    Taken from this thread I thought there is some important info in here that deserved a new thread for future researchers.
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    Yeovil Pen Mill to Taunton (via Martock)

    Split off from this thread I thought the information on this line in the above thread was valuable for future research, and decided to create a dedicated thread. A couple of follow up...
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    G&SW passenger numbers up, despite seeming lack of interest by Scotrail

    I have been wondering for some time if Scotrail care about the G&SW, at least the Kilmarnock-Carlisle section. It doesn't seem to have had any service improvements for years, during which time Scotrail have been busily enhancing services and/or infrastructure on eg Dundee - Aberdeen, Aberdeen -...
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    The Cl 56 build in Romania - what was the reason for this bizarre decision

    Taken from here as it was suffering thread drift in extremis Hmmmm. Did Brush really do this - sub-contract, I mean? In any case, I question that. In my opinion, the...
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    The new Sunday Cambrian Coast service

    I realise it's hardly the best time to attract passengers to an enhanced service (even on a 'normal' railway - which arguably, the Cambrian is not) but I'm wondering how the new Sunday service is going down. At five trains each way per day versus one in the former winter TT, it's quite a...
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    Timekeeping on the Settle & Carlisle and Leeds - Lancaster

    My impression from looking at RTT of late is that timekeeping on these lines has deteriorated in the past month, most particularly affecting the morning commuter trains into Leeds. 2H81, the 05.51 off Carlisle has repeatedly lost 5 - 10 minutes after Settle, regains a minute or so at Skipton...
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    Corby - from no station to terminus of electrified railway in a dozen or so years

    Around 2006-07, the idea of having a station at Corby was just a long-running aspiration of many armchair rail developers. But within two years, a skeleton service was initiated. And within 18 months or so, it will have 2 electric TPH to London. This an amazing, Phoenix-like rise from platform...
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    Most failed/disappointing new stations/reopenings - and why?

    Taken from this thread Is Ivybridge the most disappointing station reopening of the past 50 years? Is it the poor service, poor marketing in the early days, or...
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    Confusing train information on Thameslink

    Last night (21/08) I trundled down to St Pancras Thameslink at around 21.30 to get a train to London Bridge. A Brighton-bound train - not sure of its origin - rolled in (I think it was to depart at 21.36) which had all stations to London Bridge listed on the platform indicator, followed I think...
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    Leeds - Skipton - Lancaster: best service ever?

    I'm sure this has been reported somewhere on here, but not much made of it. From May, this route acquired, I think, two more workings, giving the line in total 8 return workings - although the first westward and last eastward originate/terminate at Skipton. (And are, I would imagine, carry very...
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    Privilege travel before BR

    Here's one for the history buffs. What was the situation regarding priv travel in the days of the Big Four? Come to that, before the Big Four? Did railways offer priv travel and/or free tickets across each others' lines, or was it strictly on one's own company's lines? Or something in...
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    Aylesbury Vale Parkway - Is it a 'success'?

    I've just noticed that Aylesbury Vale Parkway station had it's 10th anniversary last December. Astonishing to think it's been open a decade and six months now. But has it lived up to the aspirations? Usage is steadily rising, but last annual footfall it had 186,000 passengers, which amounts...
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    Cumbrian Coast post-Cl 37 haulage

    Much as the introduction of Cl 37s stirred interest over Cumbrian Coast services (including my own), from my casual observation on RTT, the reliability and timekeeping on the line has shot up since they were withdrawn at the beginning of this year. I'm sure there are incidents of delay and...
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    Malvern's two stations - how did both survive?

    Great Malvern and Malvern Link are only a mile or so apart. How did both survive Beeching and other rationalisations of the past? I'd have thought one would have been ripe for closure - although both appear to have healthy usage numbers today. I've never been on the Worcester - Hereford...
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    Images from the train burned into the memory (but not your local area)

    Thinking about the "last normal service" thread that is out there at the moment, I began to think of the route out of Sheffield Victoria towards Penistone. I was on the line about a week before the end of through electric passenger services to Man Picc - so I couldn't include myself in that...
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    Northern Saturday strikes - the aftermath

    I realise it is perhaps a little early to draw any definite conclusions, and we will only have anecdotal observations in any case, but after the months of strike action on Saturdays in Northern territory, what are impressions on Saturday loadings looking across the franchise? Have folks just...
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    Northern/Scotrail through services Glasgow/Dumfries-Newcastle - unique?

    Are these through services unique in the sense that the two TOCs take over from each other? I can't think of any other such arrangement? (Maybe there is one on the Wherry lines in the mornings, but that's not quite the same thing, not advertised as through trains between GA and EMT, as far as I...
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    Disruption at Shipley - Wires down? 25/02/2019

    Some S&C trains caped between Skipton and Leeds. Airedale electrics too, presumably.