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    UK TOCs to no longer accept Interrail passes from 2020 (decision now reversed)

    I'm a bit confused here why the ALR is mentioned here, though. Surely anybody who wasn't a UK resident would have already been using either Britrail, Interrail, or Eurail anyway? While lower prices for Eurail passes would indeed mean that Britrail sales among non-Europeans might suffer, I don't...
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    UK TOCs to no longer accept Interrail passes from 2020 (decision now reversed)

    Any validity restrictions are already noted on the ticket itself - the diary is a completely generic form that looks the same for everybody until you start filling it in, so I still don't see how it helps "confirm that the ticket holder has the right to be on that train". And likewise for the X...
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    UK TOCs to no longer accept Interrail passes from 2020 (decision now reversed)

    For visitors, the correct point of comparison would be a Britrail ticket though, which isn't quite as expensive as an ALR for domestic travellers. It's still stupid of course, because you can no longer use an Interrail Global pass to cover your journey to/from Britain as well. While the price...
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    UK TOCs to no longer accept Interrail passes from 2020 (decision now reversed)

    Isn't that why you're supposed to fill in that travel diary and return it at the end of you pass's validity so they can split the revenue from the pass according to your actual usage?
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    Crewe extra OLE

    And a high starting current would rather surprise me: With AC stock (all the more modern-ish three-phase AC), current draw is simply proportional to the power being used, and the power in turn is tractive effort times speed. So even with a high tractive effort, at low speeds the train doesn't...
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    Interrail and Heathrow Express

    According to the Man in Seat 61, we have the RDG to thank for those supposed reservation requirements, and indeed it seems unlikely that Eurail would have made them up on their own. In practice the whole thing is rather confusing, though - all non-English-language Interrail/Eurail pages still...
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    Fire rips through TaTa Steel Plant Port Talbot Following Multiple Blasts

    And sometimes these kinds of flows can even traverse the public railway network, though from a quick search it seems that at least in the UK this wasn't a common occurrence.
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    Belgium: last gauntlet track to be replaced

    There still is the Gemmenicher Tunnel, though. While that one is actually double tracked, one of the running lines has an additional set of interlaced rails shifted towards the middle of the tunnel for trains exceeding the normal loading gauge. I'm wondering about that myself, especially as we...
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    Amsterdam Eurostar

    The 11:04 departure to Amsterdam on the 23rd of June became bookable to Brussels yesterday, if it's of any help.
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    Train driver 'freewheels' broken down train 13 MILES to London Euston after a power cut

    This kind of dog. Also watch this series of films if you have a little spare time:
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    Bus & Tram controlled traffic lights

    Dug up that article again and I've actually misremembered things slightly: The 1978 installation already employed microprocessors, and was mainly about installing a "green wave" for the parallel road while maintaining priority for the parallel tram line. The tram line itself already had priority...
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    Bus & Tram controlled traffic lights

    While traffic lights starting becoming more common even before World War II, their numbers only really took off (especially from a European perspective) after the war as automobile road traffic increased significantly. At the same time, trams were seen as an outmoded form of transport in lots of...
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    GWR sleeper booking

    It seems like this is still a problem. Originally I tried to get a berth supplement to go together with an Interrail pass, but when I tried booking by phone, GWR claimed they couldn't take a non-UK credit card. Since it turned out that apparently during the summer season supplements are once...
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    Permanent 10 mph through Bristol TM platforms

    Can anybody confirm how the speed limit is actually implemented - is it done similar to Leeds, i.e. 10 mph from the start of the platform up to the mid-platform signal and then back to 25 mph? London Bridge is/was Westpac MkIV actually.
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    Thameslink core ATO into use

    It doesn't - first of all, as I already mentioned, German AFB is more like a fancy cruise control that allows for some sort of crude ATO operation because on LZB/ETCS-equipped routes it will use the minimum of driver selected target speed and signalling imposed speed limit, but it cannot stop at...
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    Thameslink core ATO into use

    In theory I seem to remember figures of 30 tph being mentioned and looking at the departure board for today's evening peak I see around 28 tph being scheduled in practice. Also note that the current AFB in Germany is more of a fancy cruise control than a real ATO system - on LZB/ETCS-equipped...
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    Austria rail accident

    It was not just additional fill-in 500 Hz inductors, but also providing one at all in the first place - before that, they were use somewhat more sparingly. The major difference of PZB90 is the so-called "restrictive mode": Looking at the speeds normally applicable for passenger trains for...
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    Austria rail accident

    Austria used to have longer overlaps similar to Germany, but since quite some time the minimum length was changed down to 50 m in order to avoid overlaps extending across sets of points. But also what MarkyT said - even longer overlaps don't help if the they've already timed out after a station...
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    50 injured in German collision

    Paragraph (1) is basically there to deal with the fact that when passing a signal at danger, no speed signalling information is available and conveniently 40 km/h is the speed allowed by the smallest regularly employed points geometry. Where the speed is lower after all (e.g. for bay platforms...
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    50 injured in German collision

    The ultimate source is the rule book itself, in this case module 408.2456, section 4: The relevant bits from paragraph (1) and (4) are: (1) The maximum permissible speed of a train movement on special orders is 40 km/h. [...] At block signals on the plain line - junctions and crossovers excepted...