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    The Scoveston Murders

    This might be of interest with a railway link: Invoking Betteridges Law of Headlines: Was the reason for the murder of the owner of Scoveston Manor near MIlford Haven related to the compulsory purchase of the land for...
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    Embraer E-190

    8-) I think you have to compare like with like, ie: the E190/195 vs E170/175, CRJ series, A220 etc, rather than the bigger 737/A320 category.
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    Embraer E-190

    It seems to have found a niche with Finnair - nice aircraft, prefer it to its smaller stablemates. I hear good things about the A220 series but not had a chance to fly on one yet. The 737 .... erm, no....
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    Tonbridge and Ashford timetables

    I remember back in 1993 (summer) I ended up in Kent and took advantage of the experience of travelling around on interesting electric trains. I remember clearly being on Ashford station waiting for a train back to Lenham and seeing at least 2 or 3 non-stop trains go through Ashford. I assume...
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    Best and worst flights

    Best: Chicago-Stockholm, business class SAS a330-300 - superb service, good food and plentiful drink. Runners-up: Lufthansa Houston-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Beijing, both on the A380 economy class - great aircraft and always good service from Lufthansa. TAP, night flight Lisbon-Helsinki if just...
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    Accident near Hässelholm in Sweden

    There was a particularly nasty accident near Hässelholm in Sweden a couple of days ago - 1 adult and 2children dead after a car was hit by an X2000 service Reported that police have opened a murder investigation...
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    Why do we have to press a button to open train doors in the UK and European countries?

    Finland, winter ... trust me you don't want every door on the train being opened automatically when there is no need. In reality the added complexity is relatively minimal, as is the risk of component failure. The door opening mechanism is the "single point of failure" while the signal to open...
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    Is the future EU railway market liberalisation a replication of the old British franchising model?

    Same more or less in Finland, except it is "Yo! Want to create a *freight* rwailway company and put some trains running? Now YOU can!!!" and lo we have 3 companies: VR, Fenniarail and Operail. Finland has an exemption from opening up the passenger market until late in the 2020s - though the...
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    France to ban some domestic flights where train available

    I'd say not, for a start the ferry here serves a very different market - mainly freight - to the flights, which are mainly there for connecting traffic: Helsinki has connections to the far-east, USA etc, which Tallinn does not. Looking at the timetable there are two HEL-TLL flights per day with...
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    Regional Rail Express - 39: Zagreb City Special (50 p.)

    Nice pictures! I was wondering why those modern blue trams looked so familiar ... one was loaned to Helsinki in 2008: t. Ian
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    Helsinki - Vostochny - Yokohama, container train

    Cars typically come in via ship to Finland - via Hanko mainly; there has never been much traffic of that nature into Finland from Japan/Korea. There used to be a massive amount of new vehicles being shipped via Finland to Russia up until 2008 ( the law changed in Russia plus a global financial...
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    Helsinki - Vostochny - Yokohama, container train

    And in other good news from Finland it looks like the trams in Tampere will start early and come in under budget:
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    Who can spot something wrong in this Polish sleeper video?

    I was impressed by the japanese signs at Katowice and the double decker trains.
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    Most comfortable trains

    DSB IC3s were very nice as I remember (though last time I was terribly hung-over thanks to some Danish friends - on the other hand, breakfast on-board and a comfy seat helped!) Austria's RailJets (Vienna-Innsbruck) were excellent in the compartments! China: the trains on the Beijing-Xi'an...
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    Sr3's are currently on Rantarata and Päärata (at least to Oulu); I guess they can stretch their legs better there than Savonrata which doesn't have any 200kmh sections after Kouvola. So yes, I agree Sr3 is a bit of overkill but I was more refering to their diesel capabilities - though I'm not...
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    Timetable World March 2021 Release

    They have Finland 1974 ... which fits right in with the on-going discussions about Tornio/Haparanda and the new service in Sweden to the Finnish border. Also the 1920s Finnish railways map is a very interesting contrast to the current network and borders
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    Diesel Loco Engine Hauled Passenger Trains in Western Europe

    Vaasa-Seinäjoki is electrified. Vaasa to Vaskiluoto (the harbour) is not and doesn't see any traffic.
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    Diesel Loco Engine Hauled Passenger Trains in Western Europe

    Did I write Seinäjoki-Vaasa? Apologies Seinäjoki-Jyväskylä I meant, but these are all Dm12 now. I think the last diesel hauled trains I did in Finland were the Rovaniemi sleeper and Hanko-Karjaa. Interesting aside: Seinjäjoki-Vaasa was the part of an interesting piece of rail politics...
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    Diesel Loco Engine Hauled Passenger Trains in Western Europe

    I think now in Finland there's the night train to Kolari which would change locomotive in Oulu to a Dr16. Maybe Seinäjoki to Vaasa if not a Dm12 railcar then a Dr12 hauling two or three old blue coaches - though checking for today and coming weeks this seems to be a single Dm12 railcar. From...