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  1. Chrisyd

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    SOmeone has posted on SkyScraperCity, Manchester Railways page, with updates. Interestingly he says he is part of the OLE team.
  2. Chrisyd

    Avanti West Coast Family Return

    Thanks for the swift information
  3. Chrisyd

    Avanti West Coast Family Return

    I am trying to book one of these for August, from Manchester Piccadilly to Euston. Out on Thursday 10th, return the following Sunday. It currently states that the ticket can not be booked as it is not valid on the Sunday train, having read the summary T&Cs on the website I can see nothing...
  4. Chrisyd

    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    I know that platform extensions have taken place at Hall i'th Wood, presumably so they can take the longer trains, Bromley Cross already could, but not sure about the stations further away from Manchester than that. Having looked at the Sectional Appendix, Hall I'th Wood is now, Up 94m / Down...
  5. Chrisyd

    East Lancs Railway - Pubs Re-opening

    The Trackside has a large canopy covering most of the platform outside the pubs platform door (so is a very handy outside drinking area!). I know they were building a canopy at Ratwtenstall which would provide similar cover, but am not certain if it has been finished.
  6. Chrisyd

    Northern Station Improvements & New Ticket Machines

    Just to confirm that the platform extensions at Hall i'th' Wood are now complete, still no sign of PIS or ticket machines. Which considering the next station along the line Bromley Cross has had both for a while and the latest usage reports, put Hall i'th' Wood at 177,182 entries and exits...
  7. Chrisyd

    Northern Passengers Taking “Direct Action.”

    Interestingly, whilst I am sure this is a coincidence, all four of the trains between Clitheroe/Blackburn to Manchester via Bolton between 7 and 9 have been four carriages this morning, which is the first time since the timetable change that I can recall this happening!
  8. Chrisyd

    Northern Passengers Taking “Direct Action.”

    Looks like Bolton platform 1, fortunately I was not traveling into Manchester and so was not affected today. The 158 attached to a 142 has become quite a common site on the Clitheroe - Rochdale line! Actual service can be seen here:
  9. Chrisyd

    Springs Branch stabling sidings project

    Sounds like there had been a derailment this morning here according to Piccadilly Twitter feed:
  10. Chrisyd

    Salford Central

    I used Salford Central on Tuesday and the ramp up to Platform 2 appears to have some structural issues with the supports: by Chris Davis, on Flickr by Chris Davis, on Flickr by Chris Davis, on Flickr by Chris Davis, on Flickr The final picture does give a bonus view of a puddle within...
  11. Chrisyd

    Bolton Trinity Street, latest?

    From the Bolton CAMRA twitter feed:
  12. Chrisyd

    Lift problem at Manchester Victoria

    Northern Railway journey check is currently stating:
  13. Chrisyd

    Trivia; Pubs close to stations that show departure times on-screen?

    Wow thank you very much, that has everything I was looking for and more. Chris
  14. Chrisyd

    Trivia; Pubs close to stations that show departure times on-screen?

    Also is there a way for this to show number of Carriages? "iris tiger" used to do so for Bolton and it was the most reliable system for this, far better than Journey Check, but now the link is broke ( and I cant work out how to...
  15. Chrisyd

    Are modern trains faster than steam? Bolton to Manchester Vic

    Looking at this afternoon, service 2J20 is scheduled to leave Bolton at 1649 and arrives at Manchester Victoria (beyond Exchange!) at 1707, so 18 minutes plus you have the option to get off at Salford Crescent or Salford Central, which depending on where you are actually going in Manchester City...
  16. Chrisyd

    Trivia; Pubs close to stations that show departure times on-screen?

    The Railway pub across the road from Bromley Cross station has departure boards on the TV but they do mix it with other adverts for offers in the pub. Since reopening last year, on weekdays the pub opens at 6:30 as a waiting room selling coffee and sandwiches.
  17. Chrisyd

    TPE Class 397 ('Nova 2') construction and updates

    I think it is Manchester International Depot, but I have never seen this code used on real time trains.
  18. Chrisyd

    Unusable seats on Northern trains

    My observation is that the new cushions on the seats are thicker (either by design or lack of wear) and so seats that were just teetering on the edge of being unusable now are.
  19. Chrisyd

    Manchester Victoria

    The plan was to have the electric through services terminating at Stalybridge and the Diesel ones at Rochdale, for now however Stalybridge just has an extension lead!