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    Advice with psychometric results

    Happy new year to all, need some advice please. I have recently booked myself onto a railway competency group course to get my tests done, however I already have the paper tests passed. If I retake , and fail then i start all over again as my main concern is the glop/memory test. I passed the...
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    DB Cargo pension options

    Firstly apologies if this conversation has already been had , tried but failed to find a thread. Recently been successful with DB , and hopefully starting in April, received a lot of pension paperwork with my welcome pack, telling me I have a option of three and must choose one. This will be my...
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    DB Mobile Operative - East Midlands Talent Pool

    Afternoon all , went for this job and had the tests in Doncaster over a month ago know, was told on the day a group of us had passed the tests. Was informed that the normal practise is a couple of weeks later, DB would get in touch to arrange a interview to hopefully be placed into the talent...