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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    What a joke it's becoming!
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    Vaccine Passports - currently being considered in Scotland & Wales

    We are at 80% take up of both doses. Is there any evidence that the "passports" will increase that figure by any noticeable amount?
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    Desktops vs Laptops

    At home , one advantage of a laptop is that you can be on it, sat on the sofa next to your other half and still watch the tv. You can't do that with a desktop that might be upstairs.
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    Desktops vs Laptops

    And many others don't give the choice. I would rather a desktop in the office and a laptop at home rather than just a laptop.
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    Desktops vs Laptops

    Laptops can be a pain though. Picking up one isn't a big deal but having to cart it any distance and they soon become a wearisome weight.
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    Working from home

    When WFH I find it quite easy to close the laptop at 5pm.
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    Working from home

    Lousy broadband? Not here. 300Mbs and fibre to the premises. :D
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    LNER Assistant Alerts?

    I did that first of all. 1631895629 edit 17/9 Another week, another service used but no info. I emailed LNER about it last week but haven't heard back yet. Does anybody else really use it at all?
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    LNER Assistant Alerts?

    Yes, it was bold.
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    LNER Assistant Alerts?

    Has anybody made use of the LNER Assistant alert service? I did have a ticket booked through LNER, the app and my phone number in their system but I never received the advertised platform info to my phone for my service from Kings X on Friday. It was made more annoying as RTT had got it wrong. I...
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    Pret A Manger

    I prefer full fat milk in my coffee.
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    How busy have your trains been?

    Kings X seemed almost normal on Friday at 17:00 although it seemed like mostly leisure travellers. Do GN services still call at platorms 0-7? Seemed to be just Azumas.
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    Working from home

    I can only speak for myself. I hate total silence when working in an office, full stop.
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    Working from home

    The office where I had my previous role was almost like working in a library it was so quiet. I hated that part of it.
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    How busy have your trains been?

    Just looking at the seat reservations map on LNER now and it looks like my 17:18 Kings X to Hull service is going to be almost full up to Doncaster.
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    On-train catering

    No, just bacon roll or sausage roll.
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    GWR Take on the Jerusalema Challenge

    Or the "We are doooomed! Not a face covering in sight" :D :D
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    Comedic "things you would ban" (i.e. minor things that annoy you in a lighthearted way)

    I once told a friend I lived where the streets had no name. "You too?! " be replied.
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    E-Tickets v Print at Home Tickets?

    I've just noticed that the seat reservation details don't appear anywhere when you view the e-ticket via the Hull Trains app.