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    Scotrail Rail Rovers

    Taking a gamble last Black Friday, I booked 10 days in Glasgow in July for a good price, thinking I'll make use of the Spirit of Scotland Rover. It appears however that this has not been available since Lockdown 1. Anyone with insider knowledge know if this will be returning (preferably by...
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    Can a train depart P1 @ Staines towards Windsor?

    Random question, I know. Just wondering if there is a platform/ground signal for this move. Theoretically, the train could use the x/o @ Staines West junction, but would this require a MOM? The reason I ask is that there was 2 trains scheduled to do this on 4/4, and as of today it has now...
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    Brockenhurst P3

    As reported originally on the Branch Line Society (BLS) website and then Gensheet, Brockenhurst P3 is currently out of use (OOU), resulting in trains to the south using P1/P4. As this has been ongoing for a few days now, I was wondering what the problem is, and how much longer this is...
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    Leeds to Goole permitted route(s)

    I know of the limited service via Knottingley, but I'm wondering if via Gilberdike is a permitted route? I know this involves a double-back, but it's the most direct way. All planners seem to route via Doncaster. Thanks for any help.
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    6Z66 GBRf Wimbledon 15/07 @ 13:38

    As per title, could someone give light to what this move is...and who gave it 6Z66 as the headcode?! It was a 66/7 with 5-6 hoppers on the Up Slow. Edit: Top and tailed by 66726 & 66790.
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    LNWR advance fares missing?

    Looking to make a trip from Euston to Crewe in March and only Avanti fares are showing (even on LNWR site). Checked some other dates, and there are no LNWR fares to be found. Don't do social media to ask them what's up, but is this known about?
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    SWT Waterloo - Wimbledon 29-12 Morning timetable

    Until last week, there was a morning timetable of trains running between Waterloo and Wimbledon using the East Putney connection. Has this been scraped due to the strike/route knowledge? I find it hard to believe there are no trains at all until 11am from Wimbledon to Waterlooo, and what's...
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    Stations with little service when there is service disruption...

    Over the past weekend, I decided to use a 4 of 8 day Freedom of the North West Rover either side of the fantastic BLS Railtour. This is quite long, so sorry in advance. On Monday, I decided to visit Salwick on the Preston-Blackpool line. It receives about 3 trains in each direction and has no...
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    Southern DaySave question.

    Quick question. On Saturdays when engineering stops the East Croydon - Milton Keynes running, can you use the DaySave on LNWR to get the MK? The info on national rail mentions ticket acceptance to Watford Junction only which doesn't seem fair if that is the case and misleading of the valid...
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    gazr's microgricing / shack attack reports (part deuce)

    Long time since my last report; so long in fact that the previous thread is locked. I got a bit mythed with the forum as I asked to change my username a while back and was told this is a no-no except for 'exceptional circumstances'! It's also against forum rules to create another account...
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    2C45 Exeter - Penzance 04/02 Question.

    I was on the above service from Exeter and was told by the guard the service would be terminating at Plymouth as the driver did not sign past there. I alighted at Ivybridge as the Penzance - London service was 20+ down and this made a good time to scratch this fairly low service shack off...
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    Bristol to Chepstow Permitted Routes

    Tried looking for information online on what constitutes a permitted route; is there a resource for this? I'm interested in going via Gloucester this weekend (Saturday) as there is a XC service that runs from Bristol to Gloucester (Platform 4) and then continues on with a different headcode to...
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    EXD - EXC Annual Gold Card 144.00 Question

    OK, so I went to Exeter and purchased a Exeter St. Davids to Exeter Central Annual Season ticket which came to 144.00 (3 day + SAT and SUN). I specifically asked for a Gold Card. I was issued the season ticket on a Devon & Cornwall Gold Card. I clearly wasn't thinking straight, and looking...
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    Trivia: Shortest usable platform thats not a bay platform in London

    Today, I finally experienced the delights of Bushey Platform 3 (not usually available in daylight hours). For those that don't know, it barely fits a 4 car 350 on the usable part of the platform, which surprising is well kept and looks like it's been worked on recently(?). The rest of the...
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    Micro Gricing opportunities lost and gained with new Timetable (Quail level)

    For those that do track to Quail level, the new timetable brings new opportunities as well as taking some away. Below is a list compiled by those kind enough to post information in this thread. Lost (May 2019) 1) Angel Road (Station) (Replaced with Meridian Water on site just South) 2)...
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    Kings X - Stevenage using VTEC 3/3

    Engineering tomorrow has VTEC trains calling at Stevenage (not denoted as set down/pick up only). If i have a boundary zone 6 - huntingdon (annual gold card), can i use vtec to stevenage to change for the stevenage-peterborough shuttle service?
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    Is it possible GWR will run direct Paddington - Windsor service for royal wedding?

    As per title. Non sure what's been done in the past, but I imagine at least some kind of strengthening from the usual 2-car shuttle? Just wondering as I've never had the connection!
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    3 day rover ticket 12/24 start date - what is the end date?

    Thinking of getting a 3 day thames rover starting 12/24... what would be the end date on the ticket giving that no trains on gwr 12/25 and 12/26? Sorry if this is a stupid question!
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    Guildford Platform 0 Proposal by NR

    Seems to the latest craze to have a Platform 0, and Guildford could join the club. Info gained from this story:
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    Midland Daytripper Plus Peak ticket?

    I'm looking to go bashing in Birmingham area, but am confused with the Daytripper ticket. I understand I can get a Peak ticket for around £9. Now, there is also a Plus option, which I need to get down to Leamington Spa. My question is, does the plus cover Peak services as well, as I'm...