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    GWR Host Employment Offer

    Hi guys. Congrats to both of you on getting the offer. I my self am going for the assessment next week in Swindon for Customer Host based in Paddington. Any advice for the day would be really appropriated. Don’t know what to expect in terms of test role play and interview if any. Or if there are...
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    Customer Host shifts and overtime

    Hi Again all Just to update. I am now through to the assessment stage and that’s coming up in a few weeks. Like others here I am very worried and concerned about what to expect on the day. What I’m more worried and concerned about (without sounding stupid) is actually getting the job. Iv been...
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    Customer Host shifts and overtime

    Hi all. I’m new to the forum. I have just completed my second online assessment for train host with GWR based in Paddington and now waiting for the outcome. I had a few question and was looking to see if someone can help me out with the answers. 1) As a train host based in Paddington what...