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    Arriva Trains Wales- Sterling Background Check

    Hello all, My friend has just been successful in a job offer as a driver from ATW, he has just passed his medical and is awaiting his contract of employment. He has recieved a email from 'SterlingBackCheck' requesting all his personal details regarding his employment with Arriva Trains...
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    Arriva trainee train driver 2016

    My best friend has just been through the train driver process, he is currently awaiting his medical date. It's not listed here but he has been emailed a link from 'stirling back check' asking for all his details regarding a employment background check for employment with ATW. He is unsure if...
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    FGW Qualified Drivers Interview

    Hello everyone, I have got a DM interview coming up for a qualified driver post with First Great Western in Fratton. Can anyone help me and give a few pointers to interview format and what sort of things they will be looking for/ ask? Thanks All Charlie
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    Qualified Driver Jobs, FGW Bristol

    Hi all, I'm a qualified driver with 9 years experience and clear safety record. I'm currently looking at applying for a drivers job at FGW Bristol Temple Meads, can anyone tell me what routes and traction they sign and what are the rest day patterns that are worked? Also FGW seem to be...