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    10:02 Brighton to London Bridge today

    But this is a very isolated incident, and I'm sure that if a given staff member reacted like that on a regular basis there would be actions the employer could take. further, it's not been said passengers should "never" talk to drivers, But as has been mentioned something that gets your blood...
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    10:02 Brighton to London Bridge today

    yes that's well put, and fair point. We may never find exactly what was said but like you say sure there's surely more to it, because we continually get talked down to, snide sarcastic remarks, trial by Twitter, dirty looks the other day I was told to walk faster when I went back to reset a...
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    10:02 Brighton to London Bridge today

    It's obvious I wasn't there, as for "enlighten us" I went to great lengths to explain the reasons why the door release may have been delayed and all you did, was to pick one line and argue the toss. If he went to the driver's door to tell/ask the driver to open the doors when he knew full...
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    10:02 Brighton to London Bridge today

    He was sticking his nose in. Precisely what he was doing. If there's any lesson I've learned from this thread it's to close the cab door as soon as you get in
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    10:02 Brighton to London Bridge today

    I think what happens is the southern service from Victoria arrives as an 8 or 12 car and gets split. The 4 car at the buffer stops remained locked because the front portion does the 0932 to LBG (I think) So then the rear 4 remain locked until the TL driver comes up to work the 1002 and...
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    MMI GTR Help PLZ

    For a while Thameslink were following the First Capital Connect recruitment process which involved the CBI/MMI as you say, as part of the day 2 assessment. The recruitment process now follows the Southern model with the Driver Manager's interview first
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    New 7 day working rota for scotrail drivers

    I've worked 4 on 4 off outside the industry, and I'm not sure how it would work on the railway as it would give the same number of drivers on duty on a Saturday and Sunday as it would on a weekday, with fewer services to cover. You would work just as many Sundays as any other day which is...
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    If there was anything wrong with you (for want of a better phrase) eg eyesight, blood pressure, hearing etc they would have told you at the medical. The only thing that you wait for is the outcome of the drug screening and if you know you haven't dabbled then there's nothing to worry about so I...
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    EMT Assessment day

    Adam it has been mentioned in the above but if you download the "group bourdon tool" which you'll see at the top of this jobs page it includes a SCAAT test which is what you'll get in your assessment, albeit on paper not computer. It has to be downloaded to a PC/laptop running Windows though...
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    Southeastern staff Travel pass?

    It's quite mundane tbh, it's designed to go through a ticket barrier so it's the same size and shape as a ticket, slightly more robust with a magnetic strip. It doesn't have a photo although it's backed up by your staff ID and photocard.
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    Ice disruption in Southern area 12/02/16

    Thanks, yeah I'm pretty good with it, will make sure I active it regardless of AC or DC running cheers
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    Ice disruption in Southern area 12/02/16

    Thanks, it's not in the late notice case, but I would still say it's an instruction. But hypothetically if mitrac advises it outside of the times instructed by control -which is when it becomes my decision - I'm just wondering if it has any real benefit when under the wires :/
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    Ice disruption in Southern area 12/02/16

    Since you seem to be knowledgeable on the subject of ice mode are there any benefits to it when on AC? Mitrac will prompt the driver to "CONSIDER using ice mode" when the temperature drops to 2c or below, regardless of traction current. Control often advise it's use between certain times...
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    Southeastern staff Travel pass?

    You'll get a temporary pass on the first day, possibly even before as they may well send a temp pass out with the induction details. You'll get the real thing after a couple of weeks once the forms have been filled in. In the meantime don't worry too much, you've got the position (subject to...
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    Class 387

    I think the poor first class product on the GX 387s is particularly cynical given that many of the passengers will have just arrived in the UK and if they buy their first class ticket in advance or at the airport, as opposed to onboard they will be none the wiser until they're on the train...
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    Class 387

    Just seen a note saying the 387/2 will be entering temporary service with thameslink from weds
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    Drivers salary for LM

    http:// As a rule of thumb, trainee wages are half the qualified salary so circa £23,750
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    Southern uniform (Drivers)

    A-Driver has summed up the situation with the uniform perfectly
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    Rail TV Programmes - Portillo v Tarrant.

    Radio, definitely, TV however not any more, you used to be able to get a weak analogue signal if the weather was favourable and you pointed your aerial in their general direction (excuse the pythonesque wording) but now it's satellite and digital I don't think so.
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    Driver called customer on platform 'complete idiot' at Denmark Hill (27 Oct)

    What? Now you're being silly. No one said anything about being "sucked under" did you not read what myself and a few other drivers have said above being able to see the platform/train interface from the cab? Didn't you not read what I wrote about items being caught in the door? Just because you...