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    Power of detention outside of railway property (was 'Bylaws')

    Following on from another thread. I notice that some railway employees think they have the power of detention outside of railway property. I maintain that they do not. When on Railway property everyone on here would agree that they are subject to bylaws and must show a ticket on demand for...
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    Petersfield to Horley

    I have to ask who sets these fares? I'm back at the old place at the moment and need to get the train to work tomorrow. An anytime day return from PTR to HOR costs £32.10 (not via London) However an anytime day return from PTR to GTW costs £21.30 and an Anytime Day Return from GTW to...
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    Off Peak Hor - Ptr?

    I was trying to book an off-peak single from Horley to Petersfield, (the outward journey from Ptr - Hor would be in the morning peak, so was trying to save with two singles) for travel tomorrow from 3pm, but found that I was only being offered an anytime fare by the various booking engines. Is...