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  1. Horizon22

    Rail Replacement Shortages due to HGV driver shortages

    This weekend, there was some localised disruption on GWR services to Cheltenham and on Southern along the South Coast from Brighton. It appears that provisions to secure replacement road transport were extermely limited / non-existent. This has primarily been down to TOCs simply being unable to...
  2. Horizon22

    How will passenger flows change with Crossrail?

    Crossrail is possibly only 6 months away from at least running in the core section. Whilst many boroughs and NR routes have tried to predict what passenger flows will change once Crossrail opens fully, I am intrigued to see what the forum things will happen. Here's a few starters: Ealing...
  3. Horizon22

    Turnham Green Piccadilly Trains

    I've wondered for a while now why does Turnham Green have such an odd arrangement with Piccadilly line trains stopping at the station? Is it a historical thing and if so when & why did it start / stop calling there? Is there an planning issue with headways? I wouldn't have thought so considering...
  4. Horizon22

    Derailment at Fratton Depot

    There has been a derailment at Fratton depot this morning - an 10-car 444 depot shunt move has derailed over a set of points and one of the sets has derailed. This is likely to cause considerable disruption to both SWR and GWR who have a number of Turbos blocked in. SWR on Twitter...
  5. Horizon22

    Tube Strikes: 3rd-6th August (Now 24th to 27th August)

    Not noticed a thread here yet but had an email and seen it reported that there will be a four day tube strike between 3rd - 6th August. Is this at all related to Night Tube drivers...
  6. Horizon22

    Welcome to the Jobs & Careers Forum (*read before posting*)

    Welcome to the Jobs and Careers Forum! We hope that you find this forum valuable and insightful and enjoy reading its contents! Topics & Threads This forum is intended to be used for the following (non-exclusive) topics: Posting vacancies and jobs that you have seen advertised Discussing...
  7. Horizon22

    Nationwide GSMR problem

    There is currently a nationwide GSMR outage by the look of things and it is affecting multiple routes. Various trains are being restricted to 100mph as a result. Drivers are reporting issues registering and setting up the system correctly in the cab. If it can't be fixed imminently, the speed...
  8. Horizon22

    Compulsory Vaccinations & Employment

    I noted this on the BBC earlier today: What do people think of this for employers? On one hand a company can dictate terms, but on the other isn't this somewhat against human rights and freedom of choice?
  9. Horizon22

    What data feed does Google Maps use?

    When planning a route that involves a rail journey, where do Google Maps get their information from? I am at this point assuming this is not from other standard industry sources for the following reason: The other day at Cannon St, there was some low-level disruption; no major delays but...
  10. Horizon22

    TRIVIA: Most amount of TOCs at a 2-platform station.

    I've had a look and can't see this question being asked before. Essentially the question is as per the title: which 2-platform station has the highest number of TOCs calling at it (passing through doesn't count)? I can think of several with 4 - but can't think of any higher at the moment.
  11. Horizon22

    Kennington Rezoned

    Noticed this the other day - good news for those using the station into Central London although it doesn't seem to change the travelcard cost at all. Seems this was part of the Northern Line extension agreement...
  12. Horizon22

    Traffic Manager - Crossrail

    Some might find this interesting, perhaps those in operational roles already in the London area.
  13. Horizon22

    Heat Restrictions in March?

    I am aware that several trains from Plymouth have been delayed over the last few days due to speed restrictions between Westbury and Newbury. For example this train losing 10 minutes in the area. However, why would their be speed restrictions at this time? The temperature has been unseasonably...
  14. Horizon22

    Potential cut to air passenger duty

    Not sure which forum this was best raised in, but seeing as it is Coronavirus related I plonked for here - feel free to move if required. With this potential cut, fuel duty frozen and rail fares increasing, it somewhat emphasises where the transport ambitions are currently going. Interesting...
  15. Horizon22

    Why are so many TGV stations in the middle of nowhere?

    I was exploring the French network a little bit to plan a future interrail trip and to see some extended European friends. Whilst exploring the TGV network and its maps, I noted that the French have a trend of building TGV stations in quite frankly the middle of nowhere. A few I picked up where...
  16. Horizon22

    Should CCTV on the railways be kept for longer?

    I was reading through this thread and it got me thinking about how long CCTV is kept on the railway (and most other locations for that matter). To my knowledge the default for most stations is 30-31 days, although on-train CCTV is often shorter. However, requests from the BTP or other local...
  17. Horizon22

    Landslip at Wanborough

    The North Downs line has had some issues over the past week with speed restrictions due to a track defect but has now been escalated as a landslip at Wanborough with earthworks required to rectify the issue. The Up Line is currently blocked and is expected to open around 9-11th January. Trains...
  18. Horizon22

    Trivia: TOC 'Island' Routes

    By this, I mean routes by which the origin and destination of the train does not interact with the TOC providing the service, nor is there any interchange to another service provided by that TOC. I can think of a couple off the top of my head: GWR: Greenford - W. Ealing (no interchange with...
  19. Horizon22

    Most Bridge Strikes in 2019

    A mildly interesting story here about the bridges that are struck most regularly in the UK. Doesn't seem to state what the overall number is ("about 5 a day"), but it is an 11% decrease.
  20. Horizon22

    Lowest number of passengers since mid-19th century

    The ORR has just released their quarterly data on passenger usage which makes for grim / interesting reading. - specific file here