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  1. Mordac

    Stations Which Give an Accurate Impression of the Town They Serve

    I don't know what the new one is like, since I haven't been to those parts in a while, but the old Londonderry Station was perfectly representative of the city :p
  2. Mordac

    CrossCountry 170s Availability

    I noticed that almost all of the Cardiff to Nottingham trains have only been operating with one unit, and there's even an out and back service with a Voyager deputising. Given the still reduced timetable this doesn't look great, have they been having availability issues?
  3. Mordac

    Hull Trains Class 802s

    Have these all carried passengers? Last time I looked at it, before the last time they restarted service in April, there was one unit that hadn't entered service yet, though I can't remember which one.
  4. Mordac

    [Trivia] Stations with cats

    Simple as per the title. Include the cat's name if you know! I'll start with Huddersfield with Felix and Bolt, as everyone surely knows by now, and more local to me, Stourbridge Junction with lovely orange tabby George!
  5. Mordac

    Mapping the Current Network to the Big Four

    Does anyone know of any map online which shows which of the Big Four companies owned the lines in the current network?
  6. Mordac

    Volunteering at Stations

    If anyone here knows y local station of Kings Norton, you'll know it has a disused island platform. That's covered in all kinds of rubbish, mostly dead tree branches and leaves. I've often thought it makes the whole place look rather grubby. I'd be happy to volunteer to clean it myself over a...
  7. Mordac

    Is this TPWS grid broken?

    Photo taken from P1 at Kings Norton.
  8. Mordac

    Flashing Double Yellow Aspect

    I was walking along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal towpath, which runs alongside the cross city line, and saw something I didn't know existed before: a signal on the line was displaying a flashing double yellow aspect. What does this mean?
  9. Mordac

    Getting a Receipt From TfL Contactless

    Hope someone can help me with this. I'll be having to go from Euston to Heathrow next week as part of work travel, so I'll need a receipt to expense it. Is there a way to obtain a receipt from paying with a contactless credit card, or do I have to go through the rigmarole of buying a paper ticket?
  10. Mordac

    Post-May 2019 LNR 319 Diagrams

    I noticed the post on the frequently requested diagrams thread about these trains has not been up to date since December 2018. I assume since the number of 319s has more than doubled since then, the diagrams have done likewise? Can anyone shed any light on what they're going to be from Monday...
  11. Mordac

    Class 350/1 refurbishment

    Just saw on my train this morning that LNR seem to be taking an interesting approach to seat refurbishment in 350/1s....
  12. Mordac

    What happened in the West Midlands 16/01?

    Arriving into New Street from University, check the National Rail app to find all trains towards Coventry and Northampton cancelled. Stayed on the train to Redditch, changed onto the Trent Valley there to Rugby, and caught a train to Northampton from the bay platform at Rugby, where they were...
  13. Mordac

    Northern Ireland Railways orders 21 new vehicles from CAF Translink orders more CAF DMU cars 06 Dec 2018 UK: Northern Ireland transport operator Translink has ordered a further 21 diesel multiple-unit cars from CAF to cope with...
  14. Mordac

    Milton Keynes to East Croydon Reliability

    Is there ever a day when this service doesn't have at least one cancellation? The reliability on this just seems to be appalling, which is a darn shame, as it has the potential to be very useful for us WCML people, but it's hourly frequency combined with appalling reliability means one can never...
  15. Mordac

    VTWC Roster Planner

    Being advertised now (for a "Talent Bank," whatever that is, anyway). Is this something that someone with no railway experience would have a chance of getting? What sort of skills would be needed, if so? I've got a PhD in Economics, and three years of work experience, but again, none of it is...
  16. Mordac

    Refund for Flexible Tickets

    Hi all. Can someone explain to me how I would go about getting a refund for a flexible ticket, if my plans change and I decide not to travel?
  17. Mordac

    Trivia: Most Expensive domestic point to point railway fare

    As per the title. I suppose it can be set up in two different questions, though: 1) Most expensive standard class ticket; and 2) Most expensive first class ticket. I'm really interested in both, but the most expensive of all must be first class, and I'm kind of keen in seeing how much that is...
  18. Mordac

    If the Great Central had Survived Beeching.... Would it be Useful Today?

    Note this isn't a "Let's Reopen the Great Central" thread. I can think of a few lines that would be useful today if they hadn't closed, but definitely don't justify the expense of reopening now. Would the Great Central be one of them, though? I confess this is one of the lines I feel more...
  19. Mordac

    UK Rail Map Feedback

    Some of you might be familiar with the maps published on this website: Sadly, their author, Boris Chomenko, has not had time to update them for a while, and neither has the webmaster of the site had time to do much with it either. I had been keeping...
  20. Mordac

    Statement of Funds Available Published Statement itself here: I bolded something i...