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    Scania/Higer Fencer

    The single-deck Scania/Higer Fencer f1 has found its first customer. The first unit was delivered today to Lincoln operator PC Coaches. Pictures from Scania UK and PC Coaches. Seeing the cyan colour trim on the outside of the bus, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an ex-demo vehicle, as the...
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    Siemens Inspiro London (2024 Stock)

    Today, Siemens’ social media accounts have presented the final design of the new Piccadilly line tube trains. Here is the press release with a lot of information and a few pictures, outside and inside...
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    Alstom buys Bombardier Transportation

    According to Bloomberg, Alstom and Bombardier Transportation are in talks about an eventual merger of their rail activities.
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    A particular bogie/track sound...

    Hi there, a little technical question here ... I hope I can make it clear enough. When a bogie runs over a rail gap or over points, one can often hear a clinging sound, sort of like little chains shaking around. This is common on numerous types of rolling stock around the world, but it is very...
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    Underground track swap

    Hello all Just a little curious question, in several places on the LUL network the tracks swap from left to right and vice-versa. For example between Oxford Circus and Highbury & Islington on the Victoria Line, or between Elephant & Castle and Moorgate on the Northern Line. Why is that ...
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    CAF Inneo for the DLR

    CAF has been selected by TfL to build 43 new trains for the Docklands Light Railway that will enter service from 2023. 33 will replace older trains, and 10 will enable the service to be strengthened. Here are two artist impressions.
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    HS2: the rolling stock bids

    Today, manufacturers have presented the artist impressions of the trains they are bidding for HS2 with. Here are the five bids: Bombardier/Hitachi: Alstom: Siemens: Talgo: CAF:
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    Happy New Year 2019

    I would like to wish everyone here a very happy and successful new year. May all your wishes come true, may you and your loved ones enjoy good health and wealth. May your future be bright and made of what you want it to be made of. Happy New Year. J.
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    Classes 444 & 450

    Hi there Hanging around the SWT/SWR network and watching YouTube videos of the SWT/SWR Dessies got me wondering to what extent 444s and 450s are diagrammed differently ? I may be wrong but it seems the 444s and 450s serve the same lines and operate both stopping and express services most of the...
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    What’s this called ?

    Hi there everyone Just a small question here ... can anyone tell me what this equipment on trains is called ? I’ve circled what I’m talking about. Photo: Joshua Brown on Wikimedia Photo: AROnline Photo: ScotRail on Twitter Thanks !
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    Opinion: Which is the best stretch of railway in the British Isles?

    A distorting mirror thread of this topic: Pretty much as it says on the box. Which are your favourite railway lines in the British Isles ? The ones you find most interesting...
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    Locomotive braking mode

    Hi there I’ve noticed that on several british locomotives (59, 66, probably others ?) you can change the braking system from Passenger mode to Freight mode and vice-versa. If I am not mistaken, the brakes apply more quickly in Passenger mode - but why have a Freight mode at all ? Is the...