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  1. Stampy

    Hertford Loop Trains cancelled when scheduled into London Kings Cross

    I went from Peterborough - Crawley and back on Saturday 28th August on Thameslink, and the trains were down to 1 an hour in each direction (xx24 from Peterborough) and (xx54 from Crawley) On the way back, we stopped at Finsbury Park for quite a while...
  2. Stampy

    Trivia: Consecutive Trains to Different Terminating Destinations

    There's normally 2 or 3 announcements BEFORE the train leaves Norwich that it is the train to "LIVERPOOL Lime Street and NOT to London Liverpool Street"... Still doesn't stop the "idiots" who don't listen or look at the on-board displays, getting out of their seat near either Thetford (or...
  3. Stampy

    How Often Does a Driver Forget to Stop at a Station and What Are the Consequences?

    There's one just North of Stoke Tunnel on the Northbound line that says the same as well.. Saw it recently when the train I was on was held at a signal just before Grantham station.
  4. Stampy

    EMR Regional short formed services

    Saw an EMR service pass me at Grantham on Saturday heading towards Peterborough... Full & Standing in a 2-car train. This was at about 1830.
  5. Stampy

    ECML level crossing incident 13/06/21

    I remember that incident... I dropped a friend off near to Spalding station, and via the police - offered a lift back to Peterborough to a few people.
  6. Stampy

    Don Coffey cab ride video discussion

    If anybody's interested....
  7. Stampy

    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    Just remembered another one... Coming back from a football game in deepest Suffolk (Needham Market, IIRC) a friend and myself decided to visit a local bar in Cambridge (as we had a 3/4 hour wait for our Birmingham New Street train) and duly arrived back just in time to catch said train. Both...
  8. Stampy

    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    Been on the last train out of Norwich, heading back towards Peterborough when 2 "suitably refreshed" gentlemen staggered along the train and were asking "What time does this train get to Stratford?" Trouble was, we'd JUST left March station... I know of a friend who fell asleep on a...
  9. Stampy

    Most pointless journey for which a fare is available

    Try finding routes for:- Catford to Catford Bridge Newark Castle to Newark Northgate
  10. Stampy

    Most pointless journey for which a fare is available

    £13.50 for a SINGLE between New Mills Central and New Mills Newtown
  11. Stampy

    Junctions in Tunnels

    The Barnsley line at Huddersfield??
  12. Stampy

    [Documentary] The building of the Class 91

    Making me feel old now.... I remember taking a VHS copy of this programme that I'd recorded into our GCSE Science Class at school in my final year..... o_O
  13. Stampy

    Was the Pendolino worth it?

    Am I correct that the 91‘s could tilt, but it was “switched off”??
  14. Stampy

    What incentive is there to go by train?

    It has happened..... Fell asleep on a train back from Manchester coming back to Peterborough - and woke up just as the train was about to pull into Ely... Luckily there was a late-running train that would get me back home!!! Hence why I try to "nap" on the way TO games.!!!
  15. Stampy

    What incentive is there to go by train?

    For me, the chance to get to football games - and a chance to catch “40 winks“ on the way (especially if I’ve just finished an 8-hour shift). You can’t do THAT in a car very easily....o_O
  16. Stampy

    Most responsive/useful TOC twitter account?

    From my recent experience in travelling to football games before the lockdown..... EMR & LNER both very helpful in times of disruption. XC the worst, basically "washing their hands" of myself and other disrupted passengers when we were trying to get back from Birmingham towards Cambridge...
  17. Stampy

    TRIVIA: Train length equal to platform number

    Occasionally, yes - normally when P4 is occupied by either a late running service or an ECS Thameslink/GN train awaiting a path back to Nene Carriage Sidings.
  18. Stampy

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    When we had the recent windy conditions, I was trying to get back from Birmingham New Street to Stamford and was "advised" at New Street to catch a train from there to Coventry and then the Nuneaton train will be waiting there and to continue back from Nuneaton. Unfortunately, nobody told...
  19. Stampy

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    Just a thought... Looking at that "suicide" - couldn't they have diverted trains from New Street to Wolverhampton via either Soho/Hampstead or Aston then via Bescot and vice versa. Looked like the "incident" was near Smethwich Rolfe Street.