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  1. Hornet

    State Subsidised Bus to the Pub

    Less a 'booze cruise', more a 'drinks link'. State-funded 'drink-link' bus will service 50 rural communities. Glad my Taxes is being used for such a worthy and vitally...
  2. Hornet

    Great Northern Railway (Ireland) "Q" CLASS 4-4-0 No.131 at Belfast April 3rd 2018

    Taken on a foul Tuesday afternoon. Nice to be welcomed on the various Translink Stations and Trains with genuine enthusiasm from the Staff, rather than feeling like a criminal when you get your camera out on the other side of the Irish Sea. A pleasant, if rather wet day. This is Belfast Central...
  3. Hornet

    New ferries on the Irish Sea routes

    Following on from the existing Ulysses, and the W B Yeats due on stream in July 2018, ICG are investing over €160m for a new Cruise Ferry for the Holyhead Dublin route.
  4. Hornet

    Impact of Storm Ophelia in Republic of Ireland

    Ophelia due to strike of the south west of Britain and Ireland on Monday with a low of 965 millibars expected. Weather warnings in place here in Ireland, advising people to take all necessary precautions, Ah well, I suppose that means I will have to park the wheelie bins down the alley at the...
  5. Hornet

    Evolution of the Temporary Platform over 25 Years..

    Just doing some of my BR Photo Project. Doing the Cotswold Line ATM. Just comparing Finstock Station in 1985 to Workington North Station in 2010. Also for comparison, Finstock in 2008. I wonder what today's 'Elf & Safety bods would think of Finstock c.1985, (if they survive the fit of the...
  6. Hornet

    Dublin may go for Driverless Trains Technology on Metro North

    Metro North may be built using the latest Technology, and with it dispensing with one of the most troublesome parts of Public Transport here in Dublin, the Driver. The original plans for Metro North...
  7. Hornet

    Ugly Mare on Dublin Tram

    Some dodgy looking Mare on the Luas Red Line in Dublin today. Might have been somebody horsing around.
  8. Hornet

    Irish Rail Review

    From today's Irish Independent.
  9. Hornet

    My big fat gypsy funeral Some of the comments brought a smile to my face. Don't feel any sympathy for him. He and his 'friends' have been terrorising remote farming communities for years.
  10. Hornet

    Irish Rail - Stations under review

    Over 20% of Iarnrod Eireann Station could be closed due to lack of patronage. Rosslare Europort is probably the most significant for UK - Ireland Rail/Sail users, given...