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  1. EdtheRedEngine

    Worst UK train?

    On a purely personal level, I have to go for the 150s. Pacers are probably objectively worse, but they have a uniformity about them; when you see one pulling in, you know it's going to be some variety of unpleasant. Dogboxes are usually abysmal, but there's enough knocking round with bearable...
  2. EdtheRedEngine

    Trivia: Stations with 4 or more platforms, but under 1 million entries/exits

    Edge Hill (144,000) and Mossley Hill (126,000).
  3. EdtheRedEngine

    Most Depressing Stretch of Line on the Network

    I've always found the approach to Manchester Victoria on the Chat Moss line to be pretty joyless. The shared cutting with the M602 is an expanse of unlovely concrete facings, followed by a long section of desolation running through vast empty stretches fringed with stuff that might be...