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  1. DunfordBridge

    Despatch Procedure at Manned Stations

    Just picked this up on the opening post of another recent thread (Mistakes as a Trainee), I was intrigued to discover that the driver is not able to make the decision about re-opening the doors for the desperate passenger trying to get on board, no doubt as delays could be incurred to other...
  2. DunfordBridge

    Sponsored Walk in Scarborough

    Very recently, on the 27th September 2020, I completed a sponsored walk in the environs of Scarborough taking in Cayton Bay and Oliver's Mount with a final short stretch of the disused railway line between Scarborough and Whitby. The walk was in aid of the two hospices in Barnsley and also in...
  3. DunfordBridge

    MMI - Working to Rules & Procedures

    Under the old CBI, the precursor to the MMI, under the main question of working to Rules to Procedures, they usually seemed to wheel in this question about working to set standards. I have not done the MMI yet and it could be months away, but I was wondering if the subsidiary question about...
  4. DunfordBridge

    Tornado to visit the Wensleydale Railway at end of May 2019

    Proud moment for the Wensleydale Railway. The famous steam engine, Tornado is visiting their line towards the end of May 2019, according to their Facebook page,
  5. DunfordBridge

    Train Operators who consider relocation

    Owing to a change in personal circumstances I am now in a position where I am able to consider relocation to other parts of the country. Hitherto I have been restricted for applying for rail vacancies within North Yorkshire which usually meant Transpennine Express. The question I would like to...
  6. DunfordBridge

    Northern Railway Last Train Problems at Bridlington

    I was catching the last train today from Sheffield to Scarborough departing Sheffield at 16:25 (sounds farcical already) when the train was delayed for 40 minutes at Doncaster due to problems with the swing bridge at Goole and the relieving train crew having problems getting to Doncaster in...
  7. DunfordBridge

    Wensleydale Diesel Loco Running - July 2017

    I gather there is a special event going off on the Wensleydale Railway (Fri. 14th to Sun. 16th July 2017), near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, consisting exclusively of diesel locomotive hauled stock. Seems to be a variety of traction. If you visit the website...
  8. DunfordBridge

    Scarborough to York

    I understand that Northern are running a new service from York to Scarborough in December 2017. Does anyone know if Northern intend setting up a train crew depot at Scarborough station or they will use the same reciprocal arrangement with Transpennine Express to run this service? At the...
  9. DunfordBridge

    Railway Uniform

    Does anyone know of any resources, internet or otherwise, about railway uniforms? Of particular interest is the uniform worn by Midland Mainline train crews. Any advice warmly received.
  10. DunfordBridge

    Waverley Route

    I am writing about the Waverley route that is going to be re-opened from Edinburgh Waverley to the new Tweedbank station. Basically, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what type of traction might be used when this route is re-opened bearing in mind that it will be an extension of the...
  11. DunfordBridge


    This has probably been covered in detail elsewhere before but I was wondering about the differences between a controlled and an uncontrolled evacuation from a train. I intend to have a good look later but I am going for a two hour jog this afternoon. If anyone could point me in the right...
  12. DunfordBridge

    Progression towards Train Driving as a Career Path

    For ther past few days, I have been wrestling with the concept of how people progress towards the role of train driver (and railway careers in general) and the career paths they have chosen before attaining a position on the railways. I understand that there are the usual options such as...
  13. DunfordBridge

    Customer Conflict and its Multiple Forms?

    Firstly, a happy New Year to all on the forum. Secondly, I have a question aimed at people working on the railways in a customer-facing role regarding the more unusual forms of customer conflict and how the situations have been handled? The question is probably aimed more at conductors...
  14. DunfordBridge

    New Train Driver Selection Criteria

    I recently failed my CBI with Freightliner, one of the questions on which I failed was the one about working alone for long periods. The response I gave related to a time in the nineties when I worked as a security guard where some of the shifts were over twelve hours. One of the areas which...
  15. DunfordBridge

    New Method of Train Driver Assessment

    I was reading a post by FlamTap on a closed thread regarding train driver assessment containing a link,, to a video describing the ATAVT Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Perception Test that is likely to appear in the new train driver assessments. The video contains...