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    New Government research on disruption handling

    The tweets are retweeted by the TOCs concerned, so the reach is larger than you'd think
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    Avanti West Coast: Standard Premium

    Personally speaking I'd ditch the gimmicks (freebies) with the exception of drinks and basic snacks. With very few exceptions it's not the norm in First Class in Europe....
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    Modern Railways: LNER and compulsory reservations

    From a customer experience point of view - for the majority of passenger - I wholeheartedly support compulsory reservations and have been for many years. Here's my rationale: - At busy times, TOCs are bombarded with complaints, just look at the media stories and TOC Twitter feeds complaining...
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    Trivia: Stations where it is possible to get to another station from every platform

    Stratford International springs to mind. Because of the "Circular" High speed services - being reintroduced on 7th September - you can get to St Pancras international from both platforms, either in 6 minutes or 2 3/4 hours!
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    Train type on platform displays

    Hi, we started doing this a couple of months ago following some passenger feedback. There are passengers who actively avoid travelling on the 376’s for some reason, but there are also many regulars who know they don’t have toilets either. Showing the train type seemed a reasonable compromise...
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    “This train is between” on CIS Displays

    Sorry for the multitude of replies on this but as the Manager who introduced the functionality in SE, it’s something I’m particularly proud of, especially the enhancements we’ve added to the original TfL rail incarnation. Our passengers like it too, as demonstrated by the ( mostly ) positive...
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    “This train is between” on CIS Displays

    For us at SE, it was one of the most powerful and effective innovations in terms of info that we’ve introduced. It massively improves the “believability” factor and passengers ( and staff! ) can now trust the information they are seeing. It also helps the passenger feel more empowered. For...
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    “This train is between” on CIS Displays

    There was a glitch in the software but it’s definitely working there now.
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    “This train is between” on CIS Displays

    This happens if the signaller or ARS changes the headcode of the inward train to the outbound before it arrives in the platform, thus meaning that Darwin ( which powers the CIS ) won’t know it’s arrived and will report the last known location.
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    “This train is between” on CIS Displays

    The functionality uses the “extended comments” part of CIS which has a finite length. This means that each element of information eg train length, delay reason etc has a “priority” with some information dropping off in favour of another. On SE we show the status of TfL services on London...
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    Over reliance on Real Time Trains and other data sources

    It was a major job but as we funded a lot of the development, it’s a lot easier for other Worldline TOCs to take it now. We’ve recently enhanced it further by, at origin stations, telling you where the inbound train is. Another enhancement in the pipeline is to tell passengers when the inward...
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    1996 free travel from South West Trains

    I can positively confirm that Eurostar tickets were sold by a Travel Centre. Not sure about travel beyond Paris / Brussels though
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    1996 free travel from South West Trains

    I remember the day well - I was working in SWT Customer Relations at the time. The evening before I was asked to come in ultra early and answer phone calls, but they wouldn't / couldn't tell me why and I found out when I got to the office. Very surreal day indeed, I know that some lucky...
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    Reserved seats on a 395?

    This would be because of a group (school or similar) booking
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    Southeastern "Super Saturday" challenge

    Southeastern have a £20 "SuperSaturday" ticket for this coming Saturday (6th October) - as part of this they have set the "Super Saturday Challenge" - who can travel over the * entire * Southeastern network in the fastest time possible. Details here...
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    "Train is between ..." message on platform screens

    Exactly right, if the wrong digit is in the TD berth Darwin will show it as delayed after a period of time
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    "Train is between ..." message on platform screens

    The default “Delayed” threshold in Darwin is whichever comes first from the below: - No movement data received from 2 or more expected reporting points - No movement report received for 5 minutes when expected ( this deals with the long section scenario ) Some operators have bespoke...
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    "Train is between ..." message on platform screens

    It adds plenty.. let’s say the train is showing “Delayed” because the train is at a stand somewhere, the displays tell you the location where the train is, and it’s somewhere that’s at least 20 minutes away. The customer can now make an informed choice whether to wait or consider an alternative...
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    "Train is between ..." message on platform screens

    It’s new to Southeastern, went live at 11:00 this morning. TfL Rail beat us to it as it’s live for their trains at Stratford. The difference with our solution though is that it will announce the information too ( when the train is late ) so it doesn’t matter if people don’t spot it on the display.
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    Trademarked Names for franchises?

    Not true - DfT have always held the trademark for SWT, which is why there wasn't the urgency to remove the name from the side of the trains...